Published 2016-12-04
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Some amazing facts about the captain Virat Kohli

Usually almost all the Indian cricketers have their own nicknames that they call each other on field and also when they are among each other. Virat Kohli has a strange nickname... He is known as Chiku by almost all the players that he has played cricket with. According to what we heard it was named by of one of his coach while he was playing league matches because the coach felt he looks like a Chikoo fruit.

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Virat Kohli is known to be very superstitious about few things like most of the other sportspersons. Virat always used to wear the same batting gloves in every game while batting because he thought he could play well if he wears the same ones that he has already scored a lot of runs with. Now virat always wears a black wristband for every match and other than that he has a black religious thread and also an iron bracelet which is also a religious thing worn by the Hindus.

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