Published 2017-08-03
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Japanese 5 minutes personality test!

Knowing the fact that our readers are incredibly fond of personality tests, we manage to get some of the most interesting ones for you guys to help in the process of better knowing yourself. Of course, the post is only for the purpose of entertainment and it cannot be taken seriously but some are so close to the reality that make us rethink and wonder if what we just did was the truth! How fascinating is that?! Well, today we are here with a new test! Get ready!

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It's time to relax and for a moment, listen to yourself. How often do you wonder about what you really are and what relationships connect you to your environment? This psychological, Japanese test, is a great opportunity to set off in a short time (and who knows what will happen next? Travels deep into yourself.)

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Before going through this, take a sheet of paper and a pen.
Relax! Shut your eyes for a moment and... imagine that you are just going through the desert. Somewhere far away from the horizon, around the sand itself. Above you is sky. What is your desert like? Save it on a sheet. You go on when you suddenly see a cube in front of you.

What does your cube look like? Is it large? What is it made of? Does it have any colors or is it transparent? It lies on the sand, or "hangs" in the air - at what distance is the earth located? Remember to write down the answers to all these questions on a sheet of paper.
But this is not the end...

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Now imagine the ladder. How far is the ladder from your cube? What is it made of? Jot it all down.
Now... imagine the horse.
What is its position relative to the cube and ladder? Does the horse have a bridle, saddle? What does he do? Note these on the sheet as well.

Somewhere in this scenery, flowers now appear. How many are they? How far are they from your cube? And from the other elements? Save it.
And FINALLY, a storm is coming. Can you hear it? How far is the cube, ladder, horse, and flowers? What are you afraid of?
Are you ready for the answer?!

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The desert is the world around you, or rather, how you see it.
The cube size represents the size of your ego. Its color or lack of filling illustrates how much you are "open" and how easy it is for others to "read" you.
The higher the cube is from the ground, the greater your opinion is about yourself.

The distance from the cube to the ladder symbolizes how close your relationship is with your friend.
If the ladder is on the cube, it means your friends can rely on you.
The horse represents your love. The distance between the horse and the cube is your closeness.

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If the horse has a harness, it indicates the need to control one of the parties in your relationship.
If the horse has a saddle, it means that you feel safe in your relationship.
If it runs slowly, it means that you think your partner is unpredictable and you are not sure.
Flowers represent your children or desire to have them.

The closer to the flowers are to your cube, the closer is your relationship or the greater is your desire to have children.
The storm is stress and your way of coping with stressful situations.
The more terrible and louder, the greater the fear in you.

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Arivick Chattaraj
Arivick Chattaraj 8/18/17, 6:06 AM
I imagined that i was I'm the desert, it was scorching hot and suddenly there was a giant cube of ice. There was a ladder to climb on top and the horse was resting in the shade of the ice cube. It started melting and there were flowers all around. Then i saw there was a storm far away which made the atmosphere quite cool and pleasant
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 8/18/17, 6:06 AM
I know..i gave the complete test
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