Published 2017-08-04
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Test how strong your relationship is!

There are some events in life that can indicate how strong your relationship is and according to these, you know that a long lasting relationship is what you are in. Life can be treated like a big test. Especially when you are with your partner, you will experience new things, asking yourself questions like - do we engage more deeply or not? What tests do we go through every day? In this article, we will mention some point that with considering them, you can decide if you are in an ever lasting relationship or not.

Shared flat

This is one of the biggest steps in every relationship, moving in. At first, everything is new and you cannot help your enthusiasm. Things are exciting. The thought of you going home to your partner makes you feel well. The thought of you guys sharing a place and calling it your home is a great achievement in your relationship but…

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Things do not always stay the same. In less than a week, you will find their habits annoying. Things were just fine before moving in but now everything has changed! A toothpaste stain can make your life a living hell! The ones that went through this know what we are talking about. The noun "compromise" with the preceding adjective "wise" should become your motto when you decide to live together.

Calmly and logically discuss the contradictions that come up and do not end the conversation before you get to a solution that will satisfy both sides. If everyone will insist on their side or one person will do so, the relationship will go into a fight or a field to exploit. Then there is no sight of closeness!

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Ghost of previous relationships

We mostly have our items of baggage when we are in a relationship. It is our choice to choose to put them outside that door and get in without them or go inside carrying them with us! The luggage may be an ex-lover or a kid! It is always difficult to get back to normal depending on how deep your old memories are. We need to have the courage to get the closure we are looking for.

Of course, if that is what you need or bind the old wounds because if you don’t, then the chances of the relationship working out are down to zero! We do not go for a new relationship, a rebound one, to help us get over the pain and heal the cut. We take responsibility for it and we deal with our traumas in order to engage more deeply in the present relationship.

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Financial difficulties

It may happen that someone loses a job or changes to unfavorable credit conditions. It does not have to be bankrupt but it is getting brittle with money. This is an opportunity to see if we are not alone because of the internal security barrier. Have we not had a partner expect that he will provide us with a peaceful existence. If so, we can feel very disappointed, frightened and bad. Financial difficulties make space for the compound to find the common strength to cope and understand the situation of the partner.

Death of the parent

Your parent dies. Such a situation is usually probable. The death of a parent is a challenge for the psyche - experiencing mourning often lasts longer and is a difficult process to predict. In this situation, you have to be close and show empathy. You need understanding and patience. Then it turns out that we can sympathize and be supported by the partner. We find out if the difficult moments are approaching us.

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Decision on parenting

In this case, there must be compatibility, we want to be parents or not. This is the first stage of the test, which must be passed in full compliance in order to start a child. The next stage occurs with the coming of the descendant. Can we continue to be partners for ourselves, whether we have similar models of being a parent or whether the child is at the same level of importance for each of us? Parenting allows us to explore new aspects of ourselves. Well, if we then defeat the harmful schemes that govern our parents and in this challenge, we will go hand in hand. We'll get to a different level then and our bond will tighten.

Lies or betrayal

Sometimes we lie or are deceived. This is a very difficult test for the relationship. If we know how to go through this, confronting painful feelings, we gain a lot. This is an opportunity to show humility and confess to error. Or see if we can forgive. Psychotherapists couples argue that relationship after the crisis become more mature.

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