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What your haircut says about you!

We have always been told not to judge a book by its cover but isn’t that what we exactly do?! We look at people and the way that they look, precisely how their hair looks since we are talking about hair here, and decide if we would like to get to know the person more or not! Admit it, appearance is intriguing and it plays a very important part in our everyday communication.
In this post, we are going to go through some hairstyles to see what they say about your personality!

What your haircut says about you! 1

Can hair say something about human nature? It turns out that they CAN! Even more, than we think. Even if they do not directly define our personality, they are a signal to the environment as to how we should be received by society standards. Some people even think that healthy and beautiful hair strongly affects our well-being. If we are not satisfied with them, we become unhappy.

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Short hair

Firstly, let’s talk about the length of your hair! People always talk about how short hair is smoking hot and how voluptuous the person looks wearing that hairstyle but what does it say about your personality?! This type of haircut shouts confidence! It is said that women who can pull this hairstyle off are taken more professionally and more seriously!

It turns out that despite the progressive equality in society, such hairstyle in a woman is still perceived as a kind of weirdness. Most men say they like girls with long hair, and short cut women are considered "masculine". This stereotype is very strong. Participants in numerous studies tend to attribute to short-cut women many typically male characteristics such as mastery, roughness or arrogance.

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Long hair

Unlike the short haircut, long one can be a type of protection. Something that can hide the lack of confidence, lack of maturity. Just a few years ago, all women wished to have long and straight hair. Such a haircut was absolutely dominant in catwalks and in show business. Now, with stars such as Rihanna, we are not afraid to experiment with the length or color of hair. However, it turns out that the classic haircut is still a symbol of class and attractiveness.

Short hair

Research shows that long hair is a symbol of youth and health. They are considered the most stylish. People with such a haircut seem attractive and elegant. Sometimes, however, they are accused of exaltation. It is worth to mention that the ladies most like the woman in straight hair slightly by the shoulders.

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Long hair

Curly hair

Better to have straight or curly hair? It all depends on how we want to be received. It turns out that people with wavy hair are more fond of them, they are considered to be friendly. We also feel sympathy for people whose hairstyle is in a slight mess. The straight haircut is associated with the haircut and some lack of slack, especially if the hair is exceptionally flat. On the other hand, in the workplace, such women are considered more professional.

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Bun/ Ponytail

It is also important that we do what we do with our hair. It turns out that women who wear their hair in a bun are perceived as confident and determined. Choose the same hairstyle if you want to go well for an interview or an official meeting. Ladies who like ponytails are often considered individualists. If you choose this hairstyle also in adult life, you give your image a bit of playfulness. You can also be seen as an eccentric person.

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The way you part your hair can also talk about your personality. If you part the center of your hair that means you are quite organized. In your life, you are looking for balance and order. You can be the best employee or even the boss due to how responsible you are. People that wear center parting are also seen as more easygoing people.

Curly hair

The ones that they part the side of their hair, however, are different! The parted side shows how emphatic you are. You care deeply for the people you love and they are a huge part of your life. People with messy hairstyle are more likely to be creative and have a go-with-the-flow-attitude!

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Bun/ Ponytail
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