Published 2016-12-05
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10 of India's favourite dishes

1. Biryani

Biryani, a dish full of aroma, various spices and of course it has more soul than any of us. It's the way to every Indians’ happiness. Normally consumed for the special occasions or a big family dinner, but is there a time for not having a plate of biryani? I think not.

2. Idli

One of the most famous breakfast dishes in India. A batter of rice and lentils and steamed to perfection in circular moulds. A great dish for those lazy mornings. What's great is that it's been told it's quite healthy, no oil and no spices. The process of fermentation allows the starches to break down, which is more easily absorbed by the body.

3. Chole bhature

A bowl of curried chickpeas cooked to perfection, with onions and green chillies on the side, and airy bhature. *sigh* life cannot get better than this. And the good thing is that this can be eaten any time of the day. And a great dish that's very easy to whip up. It gives a feeling of being wrapped up in a blanket on a wintry day.

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4. Gulab jaamun

This extremely rich dessert is like a drug that you can never get enough of. The warmth and aroma from this dessert is enough to awaken your senses. A perfect dish for the little sweet tooth in all of us after a hearty meal. Too bad that too much of this intoxicating Gulab jaamuns is more likely to give us heart attacks.

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5. Kati roll

Oooh, just thinking about it gets us drooling. A very popular and traditional street food. Paratha rolled with eggs, vegetables, sauces and kebabs or paneer. It’s an Indian version of the Western burrito wrap. But much tastier! It’s great for on-the-run, or it’s a great way to whip up something quick with leftovers.

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6. Pani puri

Another one of the famous street foods. It’s a dish that just one of it is enough to awaken your senses and make you feel alive. A small fried, hollow crisp bread is filled with potatos, onions, chickpeas, spiced water and tamarind paste. The fun part of eating this is to see how many we can fit into our mouth and who can take the spices without having to take a sip of water (or lime soda!).

7. Tandoori chicken

One of the easiest dishes to make with almost no effort. Chicken pieces marinated, usually for hours, in yoghurt and spices. It’s then grilled to perfection in an oven or as we call it a tandoor, which is a clay oven. It’s great when you’re trying impress your guests, but is short of time. We can already feel the taste of it in our mouths. Yummy!

8. Gajaar halwa

A great dessert made with grated carrots, milk, sugar, dried fruits and nuts. Perfect for a cold rainy day ( LOL, any day actually!), that fills you with warmth and happiness. This dish is the epitome of heaven. And look at the bright side, other than having a sugar rush, we can always use the excuse of eating healthy, cuz you know, this has carrots, milk, fruits and nuts, and sugar. This is already a balanced meal! Just don’t tell anyone the name of the dish if anyone asks.

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9. Pakora

Usually vegetables like onions, potatoes, chilis, cauliflowers or eggplants are dipped in a batter of gram flour and deep fried. But nowadays we use our own variety like using chicken and it tastes just as amazing! Great when spending time with family and relaxing with friends over a hot cup of masala tea. It’s best when having it hot when it’s still crispy, no one likes soggy pakoras. Ewwww

10. Samosas

Little pockets of heaven and goodness. A snack filled with a potato filling wrapped in dough and deep fried. If you’re looking for a healthier version, then baked. Not judging, but who in their right minds would care about health when eating samosas? It’s served alongside mint chutney and sweet tamarind sauce. Great for an evening snack while watching TV. Great for any occasion really!

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