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Which zodiac sign is your BEST FRIEND?

Your zodiac sign knows everything. It can talk about your health, help you to live better, tell you all about your future. Things like what kind of mother you will be or which zodiac sign is your best and worst match. It can also talk about your friendships. Knowing what zodiac sign can be your best friend can help you with your choices of friends and we are here to give you all the information you need.


There is nothing Aries would not do for you. With her, you cannot be bored because she is quite unpredictable. She can come to you without you asking for her... with a crowd of friends. Her house is always open to you. But do not ever think about being cross with her. The Aries friendship is rough. She'll poke you on the back, she'll sometimes poke or make a fuss about anything. Fortunately, the anger quickly passes her and you are the best buddies again!

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A friend is the most precious treasure for her. You can rely on her at times when your world is upside down. Taurus is extremely interesting. She will not be satisfied with the company of someone who does not have a platinum credit card and know-how in the show business. Bull collects friends as works of art. "This is my friend," she says with pride, surrounded by the people her company ennobles: talented, affluent or at least nice, who share her taste. She also is quite possessive.


Looking at her list of Facebook friends, it may seem that she has a lot of friends. But it's an illusion. The Twin does not have time to get to know the other person, to break the ice. So she is so impressed with the first impression someone has on her and does not penetrate who she really is. Therefore, even in the crowd of friends, she often feels lonely. And yet she also needs someone to talk honestly and fully trust her. That's why you can meet her at the other end of the world looking for the soul mate.

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She nostalgically mentions colleagues from the school bench or playground when everything was simple and she was still confident and open. Over the years, she has turned into an introverted person who does not let people in easily. Unfortunately, old friends are changing, and it's the worst that can happen to Cancer.

So she focuses on the family. And so her best friend is her spouse, her parent or her child, and she begins to live her life. Her friendship is tiring, so you can not allow yourself to be too impatient with it. But it's easy to hurt her. If she is offended, you cannot speak to her for years.

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She will make you royal, will join you on a weekend trip but in return does not expect much. You just have to share her interests. And because her only hobby is you alone, you have to show her admiration at every chance you get. And agree with her completely, unless she says: "I look like a nightmare." Then you must definitely deny. There is no option to be smarter, more attractive or more intelligent. It is to be clear who is the king, and who is retired. If you do not mind, you'll get along well.


Not everyone honors her. Without a yard will tell you that you have bad breath, and in this dress, you look horrible. But if you have any problems, you can hit her like in the smoke, you will surely find a solution. She just needs to be there, so she'll do what you cannot do for you. Do not try to talk to her just because you have no chance. As a rule, she knows everything better and knows everything. Her company is intelligent, thoughtful, well-known, who will appreciate her irony and sophisticated wit. If you belong to them, you may feel honored.

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Look into her eyes. She is smart enough, curious, attractive, full of charm, polite and sociable. She can be friends with anyone. Even if she has a different opinion, she will not tell you not to offend you. So you will not know from her what she really thinks and what she has views. She will do what she can to avoid quarrels. It is invaluable when it comes to resolving a dispute among friends because it sees the rations of all parties. So it is a great binder in larger groups where it cares for the atmosphere, the sixth senses sensing tension and unloading time.


You have to impress her with courage and strength of character. But it is worth it because you will not perish with her. Possible enemies themselves will give up, well knowing that Scorpion is not worth to mess up. You can give her the biggest secret, but do not count on her telling you something about herself, it's too secretive. She listens more than she talks. A friend of her is faithful and reliable, but do not expect her to be exuberant. Neither will she appear at every call. But she will be with you when you need it most. She never forgets good and bad things.

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She is open, spontaneous, and knows that nothing lasts forever. If your paths are going to go away, there will be no regrets, only good memories. She cannot spin, mix, and plot. So you can be sure that she will never lie to you. It is hard to get angry with her. If you want to complain, it is better to go with someone else! Spend the time you want to have fun with her!


She is not going to seek the strength of a soul mate. You may not even know that she thinks of you as her friend because she does not like labels. Typical for her is that she disappears for a long time and does not send a sign of life, you will then hear from her after a few months or even years. And yet you feel that nothing has changed between you. It's like a rock you can always resist and trust him a hundred percent. When she promises something, she will surely keep her word. But if you do something stupid, there is no mercy!

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There is no prejudice, no interest in her origin, religion or state of affairs, but only with the man, she is dealing with. She likes to be surrounded by people, friendly with the whole world, but deep in her soul, she may feel lonely. Because no one really understands it. She can find a way out of any situation. Only occasionally you have the impression that your business does not interest her because there are more important things to her!


Anyone born under this sign immediately feels that a spiritual bond is associated with her. Although she is ready for a friend for every sacrifice, she is rarely used. She can guess and fulfill all her wishes. The mood is unmistakably sensible. She knows when she is sad and needs to be comforted, and when pissed off. When she finds someone, she becomes similar to that person, taking over from a friend not only the views but also the style of dress or manner.

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Sumana Mukherjee
Sumana Mukherjee 8/14/17, 6:06 AM
Ekhne dewa tui extrovert thke introvert hyechis.. Bt ta to na..
Sumana Mukherjee
Sumana Mukherjee 8/14/17, 6:06 AM
Ha.. Tui o kor.. Amr ta dkh
Paulami Debnath
Paulami Debnath 8/14/17, 6:06 AM
Ss tullm,,vblm cmnt e debo..Bal option e nei photo cmnt er
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