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Crazy methods to help you fight your STRESS!

Stress is what we deal with daily in every stage of life and the level of that depends on the situation and you as an individual! Not to forget the people you spend your time with! It is a huge part of our life and if we do not know how to fight it, it is a homewrecker! There are so many methods that we read about everyday to learn how to cope in stressful situations but in this article we are going to give you some of the craziest ones!


Supporting a loved one in a situation where we feel strong nervous tension gives us great mental comfort. Pleasant signals we receive from the outside lower the concentration of cortisol, referred to as the stress hormone, and thus help us to control the lacerated nerves. It has also been proven that bodily contact with the partner stabilizes the disturbed blood pressure due to negative emotions. Close ups are also great prevention - thanks to them we become less susceptible to stress in everyday life.

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Bitter chocolate

Swiss scientists have proven that it is enough to eat 40 grams of dark chocolate a day so that after two weeks notice the amazing effects of its action. As it turns out, it is a great way to effectively reduce stress hormone levels, as confirmed by tests conducted on a group of stressed volunteers. The fact that chocolate is incorporated into the diet also supports the positive effect of its antioxidants on the cardiovascular system, which is jeopardized by ragged nerves. But remember to choose this one with a lot of cocoa (minimum 70% composition).

Junk food

High-calorie snacks are for many of us the best ally in times of emotional crisis. Few of us are aware of the fact that fast foods may have a completely different effect than the intended ones. And all because of a large amount of fat and salt, and actually sodium, which is its constituent. Much better for both mental health and waist circumference are appetizers containing the invaluable omega-3 fatty acids found in almonds, nuts or green leafy vegetables.

What does technology do to your stress level?!

Technology detox

Excessive use of modern technology is at the forefront of stressful causes, so at least once in awhile, it's time to put away our gadgets, break away from the network, and appreciate the forgotten virtues of offline life. According to psychologists, social media is the biggest threat to us, through which we have access to a huge amount of negative information about the lives of loved ones. Accounts on such portals also expose us to continuous criticism of those who rate our activity. Distracting attention from the computer monitor or smartphone will allow us to focus on ourselves and our own problems.


From the toddlers, we can learn many valuable things, such as a little less complicated looking at the world or the ability to enjoy the trifles. Interaction with children also allows you to break away from everyday problems and feel the taste of carefree care. It is also priceless to move, which, by the way, cannot be avoided by spending time with the baby. The endorphins that are released at this time effectively improve our mood and, in addition, increase our resistance to fatigue and pain.

Did you know that by helping others you can help your level of stress?!


Unselfish help to others has a marvelous impact on our psyche and overall health. It enhances self-confidence, gives you a more optimistic view of the surrounding reality, strengthens the feeling of happiness, and all this translates into lowering the level of stress. British scientists have found that people involved in volunteering work much less frequently on depression and feel more satisfied with their lives. It has been estimated that in people who regularly provide help to others, the risk of premature death decreases by as much as 22 percent, which is associated with a lower risk of developing hypertension and heart disease.


Contrary to appearances, it is not about listening to them, but to learn from time to time to say a nice word to others. The perception of the positive people we spend time with will make us feel better first, and secondly, the environment will look at us with a more favorable eye. This will help to alleviate the tension that naturally arises in the group - both the professional and the family. It is important, however, not to exaggerate with the amount of right flattery, because excessive kindness ceases to be perceived as sincere, and its effect can be counterproductive than intentional.

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The positive effect of animals on our condition may be evidence of the use of pets in the treatment of some diseases, such as childhood autism or senile dementia. You do not have to get sick to see the advantages of having a four-legged friend. The sense of responsibility for his or her safety helps build a positive image of one's self, and the company itself is conducive to the production of calming oxytocin. It has been proven that people who share a living space with an animal are more resistant to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Sugar-free chewing gum

From the results of eight years of research, it is clear that regular access to sugar-free chewing gum can not only help us to improve our oral health, but also contribute to lowering the level of unhappy cortisol. In addition, as psychologists argue, this habit helps fight anxiety and improve concentration. Experts explain this better brain blood supply, which is a consequence of intense jaw movement. So it's worth having with you when you have to face the challenge.

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