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Weirdest addictions you can never think of!!!

People get addicted to things for different reasons and some of the addictions are so common that people do not think of them as an addiction anymore! Like social network addiction. Or even makeup addictions! We all have heard about drug addicts and shopaholics but that is precisely not the addiction we are going to talk about today! Go through our list to check the list of the strangest!


This could be one of the weirdest addictions ever because no one ever can think of being furniture! But this case is going to prove you wrong! Olympia’s addiction began at the age of 11 when her aunt mistook her for a chaise longue. There's a video of her standing with the lampshade on her head! Olympia risked permanent damage to her health when she took the form of a washing machine for 3 hours straight.

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Eating furniture

Not only is being furniture an addiction but also eating it is! Pica is a particular eating disorder where the individual feels compelled to eat inedible or non-food substances. There are cases that people were reported to consume drywall and household furniture particularly foam furniture stuffing! Vicky Cullen developed a taste for sponges when she was pregnant and never stopped!

Cosmetic surgery

Body modification of any kind can be addictive but while other form likes tattoos and piercing provide an addictive rush of endorphins and adrenaline, as a result of the pain inherent to the modifications, an addiction to cosmetic surgery which is typically performed using a variety of anesthetics stems from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

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Married to a Doll

Dave cannot live without his REAL doll as he likes to address his addiction! When he first got it, he called the doll his synthetics girlfriend and then she turned to his wife! He does every single day-to-day thing that we normally do like getting dressed, brushing the hair and… He also believes this brings them closer together as a couple.

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His interest in dolls began at a young age when while shopping with his mom, he was looking at the mannequins. When he found the mannequins that were made of silicon, he decided to have it! Dr. John Zajecka says: “ Most people find it soothing to live a fantasy life and to fantasize. It all becomes problematic when that becomes the dominant way that they live their life.”

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You probably had seen Patricia Krentcil who was charged with child endangerment because of her tanning addiction! It is been labeled as tanorexia by the media. This serious issue is associated with mental health. Individuals who go to tanning salons daily or multiple times a day are drastically increasing the risk of cancer!

Serious tanning addicts like self-proclaimed tanorexic, Trisha Paytas, may possibly be well aware that their habits is a problem but can’t stop! A 2005 study estimated that as many as fifty percents of regular beachgoers could be considered as addicts! So if you are one of those, think about how frequently you would like to get tanned and reconsider!

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Hair pulling

Hair pulling is a classic bit of imagery used to convey stress or worry. However common this might be among people, it is actually a compulsive habit that affects an estimated 11 million Americans. This psychological condition is referred to as trichotillomania and it is not only limited to the hair! we are not talking about people who do this for hygiene, this is a more serious matter!

Some pull out hairs from their eyebrows, arms, legs, armpits. While more subtle than other forms of self-harm, hair pulling stems from the same psychological need to exercise control over the human body. When one feels the lack of the control over other aspects of life, in other personal or professional, they feel like this way, they can control things.

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