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Dark SECRETS of celebs!

We all have secrets in our lives. Things we do not want anybody around us to know. Things we think are too embarrassing. Celebrities are also normal human beings and they have their secrets as well. For them, hiding some is more vital as it is the matter of them jeopardizing their career more than their reputation. The people on our list today are the ones with the darkest secrets you can think of.

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Charlize Theron

This may not be a secret as she had talked about it in one of her interviews and even said, if she were her mom, she would do the same. But we are going to mention it one more time. Charlize’s mother shot her father. It was the matter of self-defense though, but it did happen. Would do you do the same no matter how bad the situation is?

Check what she said in her interview on the Next Page!

In her interview, she said "My father said he would kill us with his shotgun. My mom said she was afraid that he really would kill us. The next moment I heard a number of shots being fired. I don’t know how many, and then I heard my mom screaming hysterically.” Her mother was never charged with any crimes and Charlize has always been supportive of her!

Leighton Meester

There is no one who does not know about the secret of Leighton Meester, the Gossip girl star. However, she still is trying to hide it. It is a miracle that she turned into this beautiful star but the truth is that she was born in prison when her mom was serving her time in prison for drug trafficking. Shocking, right?! Good for her though, that she didn't let that stop her from being successful.

The Next celeb almost blinded someone!

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is the actor that we all remember from Ted! Who would not like a guy this sweet! What this handsome actor does not want anybody to know, is his violent past! Not sure if you guys have heard of it but he was charged with a murder attempt for blinding a guy when he was no older than 16! What?!

Coco Chanel

We all know Coco Chanel as one of the most famous brands. It is also refreshing to know about the woman behind this brand. Coco Chanel was a French designer and businesswoman in the field of fashion. There had been rumors surrounding Coco Chanel being a Nazi spy! Her love life with a Nazi officer is not a secret but her being one is!

Vin Diesel's secret is the craziest!

Vin Diesel

Well, even looking at him bring chills to us all. Not sure if that is a good thing or not but we are not here to talk that about that! The star of the Fast and Furious franchise is kind of weird when it comes to his interests! Did you know that the star is Dungeons and Dragons?! We did not know that either! He wrote the introduction to Thirty Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons!!!

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Samuel L.Jackson

The star of Pulp fiction and the movie Bodyguard has portrayed so many unforgettable characters that we remember even to this day! One of his secrets is him being kicked out of Morehouse College for locking board members in the building!!!! However, looking at him and how tough he is, this may not come out as a surprise he would want to hide!

Next celeb shot his own brother!


Beyonce and Jay-Z are for sure one of the couples out there that are full of surprises and dark secrets and they are pretty fine at hiding them! Not long ago, with the release of her album, Beyonce talked about Jay-Z’s betrayal and a while after that, Jay-Z admitted it all on his latest album! But that is not the secret we are going to talk about today!

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In his interview with The Guardian, he talked about shooting his brother because of a stolen ring! He said “I thought my life was over. I thought I'd go to jail for ever." His brother survived and luckily did not press charges but Jay-Z rarely talks about this incident! It makes sense why....

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