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Strangest Indian festivals

Agni Kheli

Generally known as the Fire Festival, Angi Kheli is commended in Mangalore in the month of April with many people wearing only clothes that resemble a Lion. These people blow fire at each other and it is a belief that if any of them gets hold of fire, they are treated with Kumkumarchane. Kumkumarchane is believed to be holy water that can cure them quickly.

Nag Panchami

India is known for the snake charmers. The craziest Nag Panchami festivities happen in Baltis Village, Maharashtra. Snakes are worshiped as Gods in India. They are offered milk and other food and set free. There is a belief that snakes do not bite on Nag Panchami, so the fangs of these snakes are not even removed before they touch them.

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Raipur Rural Olympics

These smaller than usual competitions in Raipur have picked up a lot of popularity among the people in India, this festival has immense craze across the country. Ludhiana, Kila and Raipur Rural competitions see a great deal of mind boggling death-defying tricks and diversions like the bullock truck race and pulling trucks with only your teeth.

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Consistently, Thrissur celebrates Pulikkali in such an amazing way, to the point that it will absolutely take your breath away. Men take on the appearance of tigers and engage the observers. Before the end of everything, the best entertainer is picked and granted. The detail with which the make-up and the ensembles are done is simply mind boggling. On the off chance that you need to see a hundred tigers together, Pulikkali is a celebration you should not miss.

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Jaisalmer Desert festival

Rajasthan has demonstrated the world how genuinely festivals are celebrated. Sprinkles of energetic colours, individuals wearing custom made Rajasthani clothing types in a traditional way, local people compete with each other by dressing their Camels in the best possible way to celebrate this festival. Watching it live is the best way you can feel and enjoy their festival.

Thaipuism Festival

Watching the Thaipuism celebration during their festivals is horrible without a doubt. Individuals put themselves through deplorable suffering. They have a belief that if they undergo such severe pain their Gods will bless them for this, they pierce their bodies at places you would not expect. It is to a great extent celebrated in Southern India and even different countries like Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand.

Lath Mar Holi

Individuals in and around Mathura begin celebrating Holi ahead of time, they have their own way of celebrating Holi. Men from neighbouring places come to Barsana just to be pursued away by ladies and these ladies use lathis to chase them. The entire celebrations are performed by chanting and singing songs about Lord Krishna. They say that Lord Krishna was chased by ladies every time because he used to tease them a lot.


Krishna enthusiasts make a human pyramid that is perilously high as one of them ascends up to the top and break the 'Dahi handi'. Many individuals have endured extreme bone wounds amid these festivals however the eagerness has not even once dropped. Additionally celebrated in a tonne of motion pictures, Janmashtami festivities are something the entire country is glad for.

Karni Mata Festival

A standout amongst the most fascinating, and unquestionably the creepiest, Karni Mata Festival sees several enthusiasts visit the sanctuary of Karni Mata, Rajasthan to love Goddess Durga. There are a huge number of rats living in this sanctuary that is said to have Durga's souls. It is favorable to eat the nourishment left over by these rats. Additionally, just the most lucky individuals get the opportunity to recognize a white rodent among alternate ones.

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Hemis Festival

The Masked Dance is the highlight of this celebration that is commended in the Buddhist cloister of Hemis Jangchub Choling, close to Leh. This celebration is known for its veils that are so unpredictably made, remembering every single detail, that you wouldn't have the capacity to trust your own particular eyes. Another move, Padmasambhava showcases different legends about Yama The God Of Death.
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