Published 2017-08-10
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8 Reasons why Tamilians are the best kind of people!

Another South Indian state where it is guaranteed you will find another bunch of awesome people. And they are the Tamilians hailing from the enchanting Tamil Nadu! And everyone should have at least one Tamilian friend if you really want to complete your ultimate friend circle. If you don’t have one, we are pretty sure by the end of our article you will be running off desperately to find yourself a Tamilian buddy! So check out the reasons below!

1. Food

No state is worth mentioning without their food and Tamil Nadu has one of the best foods ever that is loved by people all over India! Everyone in India knows that South India (but it is actually Tamil Nadu) is known for their idli-dosa and sambar with the complementary side of vada! It is perfect for any rainy or normal day if you are looking for a warm comfort food. Anyone else who is a fan of their food?

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2. Smart

Is it just us or do you feel that all Tamilians are studious people with IQs of Einstein? No, seriously. They. Are. So. Smart. They are brainiacs when it comes to Math and Science. If you were ever in class with them, there is no doubt they were the top of the class. How they managed to score 200/100 is beyond us. That’s not the only thing they are good at, they are perfectionists in everything they partake!

3. Friendly

Tamilians are some of the friendliest lots of people you will find. They are down-to-earth, kind and will do anything to help you in the time of need. However, you mess with them, they mess with you. It is a two-way street, you treat them the way you want to be treated. But once you find a good friend in them, there’s no going back! They will stick by you through thick and thin. Isn’t that the best kind of friendship you can ever have?!

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4. Open-minded

They don’t judge, in fact, you do something embarrassing or stupid, they will do it with you. They will never leave you hangin’! Isn’t that what friends are for? They mind their own business and have no interest in wasting their precious time on other’s life where it doesn’t concern them. They are more adaptable to changes and can easily accept new ideas and perspectives. It may take time for them to get used to it but they will come around.

5. Talented

Do we need to say more? They already have some of the most successful people working in high positions in companies but they also make up for almost half of Bollywood. And we all know how talented they are. In case you didn’t know, Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi, Madhavan are all from Tamil families and Lisa Haydon and Kalki Koechlin were both born in TN! Now you know what we mean by perfectionists in point No.2?

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6. Their sense of fashion

Needless to say, the women’s sense of style is impeccable. Though both men’s and women’s traditional clothing is similar to that of their neighboring state, Kerala, it is still somehow different. Women all over India love the state’s Kanchipuram silk sarees. They are vibrant, unique, special will make anyone who wears it, literally the queen of the world. Okay, we might have exaggerated a bit there but do you blame us?

7. Their songs and dances

Bollywood movies have their fair share of item songs that we can dance to but there’s just something about Tamil songs that makes us break into a dance anywhere and Lungi Dance does not do enough justice to the actual Tamil songs. If you don’t believe us ask to go party with a Tamilian, they might not seem like it but they are wild! They can dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow!

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8. Rajinikanth

Well, there’s nothing more we have to say. His name says it all. And if anyone says a word against Thalaiva, you better run away because “Yenna rascala! Mind it!”. Everyone knows Rajinikanth can do the impossible and defy the odds of gravity and just science in general. Apart from the universal fame, he is a great role model, humble and the most hardworking who gives back generously to the needy.

The people only make half of the beautiful state, but the landscape, the culture, history makes up the other half. When you get the chance, visit the state and you won’t regret it. Trust us on this one! They are known for their temples, each of them being different, unique and with a different backstory. So what are you waiting for? Go find yourself a Tamilian friend!

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I don't agree with point 2...we are not that studious.
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Exceptions are there
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Lolz Tamils are most misled and self catering selfish dishonest ppl. We have been fooled by dravidian politics for 100 years
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Cibatha Karuppiah Aishwarya My favorite tamilians✌❤
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