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Horoscope for the week: August 14, 2017 - August 20, 2017


The week starts off slow, so slow that one minute feels like an hour! You feel like there’s nothing to do with all the free time you have. It is probably best to get a head start on all things you need to do because by mid week every moment will pass by you in a second. Some unexpected surprises might pop up, in a good way though. It is going to continue that way through the weekend and it is going to be overwhelming.


When did your life become a literal TV show? SO. MUCH. DRAMA. There’s so much happening and you don’t know how to cope. A lot of mixed emotions, curiosity, you just can’t seem to put a finger on it. By mid week everything is back to normal, well almost. You might come across small arguments so get your facts right before you call off someone for the reliability of theirs. During the weekend, it is best to get out for a while, a road trip maybe?

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This week is a good one because there’s a lot of self-discovery happenin’. You learn new things about yourself with every step you take and it fascinates and excites you at the same time. By mid week, you will be on the journey to more self-discovery with someone by your side, it is a great feeling! You feel great, you feel like making changes for the better. When the weekend finally rolls around, interacting with people is a little harder than it used to be.


The week starts off on a confused note. It makes you feel uncomfortable and weird. Putting that aside, pay attention to details to important papers. Nobody wants mistakes in them! By mid week life gets better. You are more relaxed and the biggest problems don’t seem that big anymore. There are more chances that you will be able to think properly during this time. When the weekend comes around, listen to your gut.

Romance is around the corner for the Next sign!


The week begins with you feeling strange but you just can't put your finger on what exactly. No matter what you are on the lookout for anything suspicious, for anything out of the ordinary. By mid week, romance is in the air and how you were feeling at the start of the week is a distant memory. You will be more focused on getting to know someone who may change your life for better. During the weekend, you are all about helping others and yourself.


It is good to have passions and be ambitious, Virgo. Make sure to give it your attention. And not to be embarrassed about it. Let people think what they want, it is the least of your problems. By mid week, other responsibilities will come up so you put your dreams on hold just for a short while. When the weekend arrives, you can continue what you were doing at the start of the week and no one or nothing will come in your way.

The Next sign needs to focus on their finances!


Something important needs your attention, like your finances. It feels like all of it is just disappearing! So keep a tab on your expenses so you can control it better. Keep away from overspending and the need to buy unnecessary things. By mid week you have a plan on what to do and it is only a matter of sticking to it. When the weekend comes around, it is quiet and you have more time to yourself.


Everything feels out of place. You feel like you're on the start of something new, maybe you are changing yourself for better. It goes on like this for a week and you are unsure of how to go about it. By mid week you kind of have an idea how to go about it but still sensitive to your environment. So you might take up on others offers to do some crazy things. Just wait for the weekend, make plans on your own and stick to them.

The Next sign has a lot of thinking to do!


Your future plans and dreams take up most of the place in your head. It is not necessarily a bad thing but it is taking your mind away from the harsh realities of life. By mid week, you want to be alone and have some time to yourself but it is far from it. All you do is be around people who love to spend time with you. When the weekend rolls around, you know what your priorities are and learn to deal with them.


The luck is on your side this week, Capricorn. You have a great social life and financially you are doing pretty great too. Can life get any better than this? The start of the week is probably the best time for you to make some important decisions, maybe regarding your love life, your career or your health. By mid week your life is going on a much faster pace and you can't keep up. You will feel like there’s no time to breathe. Don't worry, when the weekend finally arrives you are back at your A-game and everything feels good.

The weekend is going to be great for the Next sign!


You start off the week with a bang! Well, that is what you think. Something that bothers you about yourself leaves you emotional and unguarded. It is taking too much space in your mind and it is coming in between your work and responsibilities. It will be best to go out and get in touch with nature or hang out with some friends, talk it out with them if you think it helps. The rest of the week is going to be about the same. The weekend is going to be great!


The beginning of the week, you have too much of high expectations for yourself, tone it down a bit and you will find yourself being able to achieve almost all, if not everything. You will have to concentrate on a lot of things this week and it will be good if you take others opinion into consideration. You will be surprised at how helpful it may be. When the weekend comes around you will be thankful because you will get some unexpected help from someone.

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