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WEIRDEST things ancient Roman people did!

You have probably studied about ancient Rome at school. However, we are pretty sure that your teacher glossed over a lot of the truly bizarre things going on back then! From dyeing their hair with leeches to drinking powdered goat’s dung. In this article, we will present some of the strangest things that will make you glad your teacher didn’t mention that part of the history. Are you ready for it?!

Full moon

Have you ever heard anything about mooning?! Mooning is the traditional way of displaying your displeasure by displaying your backside. The first time mooning occurred in 66 AD. During the first Roman Jewish war, one Roman soldier approached a group of Jewish pilgrims celebrating Passover at the Jewish temple. The soldier, for some reasons, decided to pull down his pants and moon the Pilgrim and that caused an absolutely massive riot which resulted in backup soldiers becoming panicked and many people losing their lives.

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Hair raising

We probably thought, up to now, that dyeing hair is a recent phenomenon but people have been doing this for a very long time. In ancient Rome, one way to tell someone’s wealth and status was simply by checking the color of their hair. The wealthiest would use powdered gold dust on their locks to show off. When slaves were acquired from Scandinavia and Germany, noble women chopped their blond hair and used it to make wings for themselves.

The color purple

The rulers of ancient Rome actually made a law that nobody but them was allowed to wear the color purple. As we all know, purple stands for extravagance and royalty. This rule was a sanctuary law which means that it was meant to keep the lower class in place! Because they did not want to accidentally talk to someone from the lower class, they banned them from wearing it!

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If a man caught his wife cheating on him, he had the permission to lock up his wife and her lover and invite as many people as he wanted for the show! So that they could see them together. If the guy the wife was cheating with was a slave or an escort, he, the husband, could take the life of the lover! The father in law was in charge if the lover was a citizen. He was legally allowed to take the life of the lover and his own daughter.

Energy drinks

The people of Rome loved chariot racing. Charioteer sometimes needed a little push to win the race! That was when the energy drinks came in handy! They would prepare an energy drink made with a goat’s tongue and sip it when they felt like they were worn out. The drink was made either with boiling goat dung in vinegar or by grinding the dung into a fine powder. The stage services were dressed with goat dung in case they needed the immediate jolt of energy.

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The oldest living male in a family was known as the Paterfamilias or the father of the family. This man was the only one who could own property and until he passed away, his sons could only receive an allowance doled out by their father no matter how old they were. Paterfamilias also managed matters of life and death. When a baby was born, the Midwife would place the child on the ground for the Paterfamilias to observe.

If he wanted to keep the child, he would pick it up but if he didn’t, the baby would be abandoned outside the home. And that was not the end of the story! Disposing of their children at any time was considered as their right and they could do so by violence or by selling them into slavery! Later on, the law got a little more flexible as the Paterfamilias was the one to fear only if you had committed a crime.

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Lightning strikes

In ancient Rome, people believed that Jupiter was the god of the sky and his way of highly disapproving something was by lightning. Whatever that was hit by the lightning was a sign that Jupiter had a vendetta against it no matter what that thing was. So if you were hit by the lightning, your parents were not allowed to even bury you properly in accordance with the tradition.

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Miracle cure-all

The ancient Romans believed that urine had many useful properties. Urine was the secret to keeping their toga so pristine and white. They were washed and then placed in vats filled with urine.

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