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The strangest and most dangerous Internet challenges!

Social media is designed to facilitate communication between people. Today, however, It is a place where more bold pictures and films are made available. Trends have come in the form of a variety of challenges that are thrown to each other by friends. In their pursuit of recognition, newer and better (or worse!) forms are being invented. Some of them, however, have exceeded the limits of safety. Below we have collected the most dangerous challenges that were trending on the internet. The creators definitely did not think about the consequences of their doings.

Hot water

The trend is about a boiling pot of water and pouring it on someone else. Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about it, and the consequences of such "fun" can be serious. It can cause second and third-degree burns and some of the victims can be seriously injured. The video below shows a girl who pours hot water on her brother and only when he falls to the ground screaming in pain, she realizes what she did. The boy is shown later in the video with the after effects of the stunt. It is clear that his body is covered with numerous scars, which are likely to remain for the rest of his life. Fortunately, this challenge is not particularly popular on the web.

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Ice and salt

Usually, during winter when the streets are covered with ice, the solution that is commonly used to get rid of it is the use of salt. It lowers the freezing point of the water, causing the ice to melt. In this case, salt and ice were used for something else. There was a challenge on the internet where one would sprinkle salt on the arm and place ice cubes over it. No one needs to explain how ice and low temperature can affect our skin. We will only say that the people who decided to do this challenge will have a souvenir in the form of scars and memories with hard-healing wounds for the rest of their lives.

Do not judge

This challenge was supposed to be informative and teach young people that people should not be judged by their appearance. It was intended to show the true faces of young people without makeup and with imperfections. Unfortunately, it ended up differently. Instead of a real and natural face, people began to draw on their face with acne-scars or drawing thickly over their eyebrows. In extreme cases, even their teeth were painted black to imitate cavities. They then showed their face again, but this time with heavy makeup and perfect face. Rather than to help break the complexes of people who are imperfect, the challenge has turned into their ridicule.

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Artistic tan

Another crazy challenge was to make an artistic tan. There's nothing wrong in getting tanned but this challenge took it to a whole other level. People spent hours in the sun covering only small fragments of their skin with sunscreen so that their tan would take on many different shapes or patterns. In pursuit of solar tattoos, no one really thought of the consequences of sunlight on the skin. So it is no surprise it ended with severe burns.

Fire Challenge

This is one of the most dangerous challenges across the web. It consists of wiping clothes or parts of the skin with flammable liquid and setting it on fire. Typically, this challenge was done in a place where you can quickly quench the fire, for example in the shower or in the pool, but not always everything went as it should. Often in panic, someone spilled more flammable liquid on the clothes and could not put out the fire. Again there's no need to explain the consequences of playing with fire. First, second and third-degree burns have been extremely common, causing painful wounds and leaving visible scars on the skin.

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Eating cactus

We cannot explain the cause for this challenge. One thing is certain and that is, it is very dangerous. It involves eating a whole cactus, including the spikes! The person who does this challenge designates another person to do the same. Eating cactus is dangerous because the spikes hurt your throat and can seriously damage your stomach. So consider whether blindly pursuing these trends is a good idea.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

It all started with Kylie Jenner when she posted a video on a fool-proof way to get her big lips by creating a vacuum. In 2015, teenage girls teenage girls did the same to their lips using a shot glass or something small that had a small rim in order to have their lips big. The trick definitely worked which made their lips look like they had been stung by a bee. Most of them had bruises and injured their lips.

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The Pass Out Challenge

The challenge is what the name suggests. It is absurd, dumb and definitely not worth risking your life. It might sound harmless but it is far from it. Young kids who think they are smart, brave and daring hyperventilate or restrict their blood flow with the help of someone else until they pass out unconscious. Thankfully there were some who were able to come back to normal in no time while the others had a much harder time. So please don't try this at home!

Internet challenges were created by the users for a laugh, to send awareness or maybe to even make a difference. Unfortunately, in recent times, internet challenges have been a little out of the ordinary. Honestly, at least once all of us may have wondered, “What were they thinking?” Like there's nothing wrong with doing these challenges but some of these are just downright dumb.

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