Published 2017-08-14
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Bollywood actors you won’t believe are in their 40s!

Hrithik Roshan - 43

Hrithik Roshan was ranked as the world’s third Most Handsome Man by a prominent international website so what do we expect?! You can definitely look your finest if you are Hrithik Roshan at your 40s! He also has proved that he is more than a pretty face and body! Hrithik Roshan was born on the 10th of January 1974. He is the son of the famous Indian filmmaker Rakesh Roshan. He has won so many awards such as six Filmfares.

The turning point in his career was when he played in the movie Koi... Mil Gaya which granted him two Filmfare Awards, Best Actor and Best Actor by Critics. The critics went crazy for his performance as they commented; Filmfare: “How flesh and blood Hrithik's act is. Simply because he believes he is the part. Watch him laugh, cry or bond with his remote controlled alien friend and note his nuanced turn”, and a critic: “The turbojet that propels the film to the realm of the extraordinary”.

You wouldn't believe the Next star is in his 40s!

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