Published 2017-08-16
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Choose a character and discover what it says about your PERSONALITY!

Many times in our articles we have proven that how you choose some drawings can describe your personality. Your choices show what your character is. Today's task is no different. Look carefully and select the character that you think is the oldest. You have 9 characters to choose from, but remember there is no wrong answer. Do you know? Well, let's see what the choice says about your nature.

Type 1: Strong and proud

If you have chosen character number 1, it means that you have a very strong personality and strong character. Although you are not overly supercilious and do not look down at others, you are often driven by honor and take offense. You are very proud and it is easy to hurt you. You are also self-confident, but with distance and even distrust, you approach to the world and other people.

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Type 2: Devoted and dominating

Those who have chosen the character number two have a very possessive personality and are often referred to as the born leaders. No wonder, they feel and exhibit themselves the best in the role of bosses and leaders. Probably because they can totally devote themselves to the cause, they fulfill their duties with utmost dedication. Such people should only be careful not to burnout too soon.

Type 3: Rock star!

If you have chosen the character number three, you are a very spontaneous person, always smiling, full of fun ideas. Others consider you as the life and soul of the party. You love parties, lots of friends, loud music. Most often you make spontaneous decisions, you do not like to wonder about anything. You live in the moment and this counts most. You hate boredom. But sometimes you should behave more like an adult man.

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Type 4: Never give up

Those who have chosen the character number 4 are defined as very righteous but also brave. Justice is very substantial for them, they are guided by important values and they never give up. They always strive for once set goals and do not turn them down without fighting. Such people are also very protective to the weaker and avid animal defenders.

Type 5: Free spirit and traveler

Those who have chosen the number five are born travelers. They love to meet new people and know cultures, explore different parts of the world. For them, discover counts, they do not need luxury. Their passion and incredible energy and optimism often infect others. People consider them as interesting, wise and are willing to listen to them. Although they do not always understand that the free spirit will not stay anywhere long.

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Type 6: A silent man who can listen

If you have chosen character number 6 then you are very shy and a sensitive person. You do not like to grab anyone's attention, you would most likely hide in a dark corner. You do not like talking about yourself, but you can listen perfectly. You have a small group of dedicated friends who are willing to share all their secrets with you. And they can always count on you.

Type 7: Oldschool personality

If your choice is character number 7 it means that you do not like changes. You are the person who misses the old times, who at loud disapproves of the changes that have taken place in the modern society. You think that the past was much easier, you are a home bird who attaches people and objects and has trouble adapting to the novelty.

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Type 8: Spruce

Those who have chosen the character number 8 are very intelligent and aware of this fact. They think there are no impossible things for them, and certainly, those that they would not be able to explain. They are very self-confident and like to be surrounded by such people. They like to use their intelligence to impress other people and thus achieve success in their professional and personal desires.

Type 9: Artistic personality

If you have chosen the character number 9, you have an artistic soul, and you are romantic and sensitive. You love to be surrounded by beauty, you love nature. You perform your passions with pride, joy and great devotion because they give you a lot of satisfaction. To your artistic projects, you can devote yourself completely and want them to enjoy others.

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Jayshree Barman
Jayshree Barman 8/29/17, 6:06 AM
Indrani Singh mine is no3 ..Nd milise..tur sa
Ritu Yadav
Ritu Yadav 8/29/17, 6:06 AM
Mine is correct... N good advice I should behave like a adult...!!
Shashi Niharika Choudhary
Shashi Niharika Choudhary 8/25/17, 6:06 AM
Sandhya Rani Choudhary
Aarti Srivastava
Aarti Srivastava 8/24/17, 6:06 AM
Khushi Shah mine is 3 and accurate
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