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9 Strange phenomena that take place while you sleep

Most nights, if you're lucky, falling asleep is not an event that needs much of effort. However, from time to time you may experience strange behaviors that can make you feel completely confused, and maybe a bit scared. Calm down, you have nothing to worry about. We have compiled a series of phenomena that can occur from the moment you close your eyes and, according to several doctors of the dream, most of them are totally normal, but a little creepy... Do not miss it!

1. Feeling that you are falling

Also known as a hypnagogic pull, it tends to happen as we fall asleep. Normally, when we dream, our body is paralyzed, but sometimes we can begin to dream before the organism is in "off" mode. With this type of phenomenon, you could represent a dream in which you fall from a cliff or sky, as well as stumble to enter the void. Why is this happening? Researchers are not sure, but it is likely to happen when you are tired, sleepy or stressed. Your brain enters the sleep cycles in a more aggressive way when your body has not yet reached that state.

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2. Sleepwalking

Most sleep-related behaviors are harmless. But sleepwalking can be a dangerous problem, since you may stumble, leave your home, and even drive. Even the thought of it brings chills to us. You get out of sleep enough for your body to move, but not for your brain to be awake; So you probably do not remember your night travels. Some incidents have been really extreme, including cooking, eating or driving a car. That's because even if you wake up at night, some medications keep your brain sedated to keep you in an unconscious state.
Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you experience a similar event.

3. Sleeptalking

Approximately 5 percent of adults hold conversate while they dream, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. However, most of these events usually last 30 seconds on average. It often happens within the first or second hour of sleep when our bodies are entering the deeper stages but there is still enough muscle tone to produce sounds or movements that can accompany dreams.

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4. Recurring dreams

Sleep is a way your brain classifies all the things it needs to re-evaluate and process the information before it can be archived as memories. That is why recurring dreams can occur with various unsolved psychological problems that your brain is trying to solve. Recurring dreams are based, in part, on your reality. If you were stolen at the grocery store, you could repeat that over and over again throughout the dream until you faced it, whereas if you went to buy bread and milk, your brain will process this immediately and move on.

5. Exploding head syndrome

It may seem strange, but it is totally real: Suddenly, the person wakes up when they hear a loud noise, like an explosion, a flash of light, or the sensation of their head exploded, although none of this really happens. It's a kind of hypnagogic pull, similar to feeling like you're falling: you're heading for deep sleep, but your body has not yet reached paralysis, and your senses are still on. Any difficulty sleeping due to these phenomena? Do not worry, it's nothing serious.

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6. Hypnagogic Hallucinations

This one is much more common than you think and probably has happened to you as well. When you have been trying to get to sleep for a while, your body is still in the waking state, so sometimes you can mentally visualize some images that you cannot control, totally random. In most cases, they are usually fearsome creatures or scenes of terror, although it depends on the person. It is one of the few forms of hallucination that does not carry any mental danger. They appear due to stress or fear, which is why they are more normal in children.

7. False awakening

This is not as normal as the rest mentioned above, but it could have happened to you. When you dream and suddenly wake up, you see that everything is not as it was before or that some things have changed. This is because you have simply dreamed that you have awakened, but in reality, you continue to dream. Some esoteric zealots believe that if this has happened to you, you could be vulnerable to spiritual practices.

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8. Sleep Apnea

Do you wake up in the morning with a headache, feeling as tired as when you went to sleep? Has your partner moved to the next room because he cannot stand your snoring and pantting every night? You probably have obstructive sleep apnea, a condition where the upper conductors of your airways close, interrupting your breathing and depriving you of oxygen until you wake-up and start breathing again. It is more dangerous for overweight, smokers, and elderly people, affecting more than 18 million people worldwide.

9. Astral projectors/out of body experiences

Apparently, it is a neuropsychological phenomenon by which the person, being between the dream and the vigil, can observe itself from a side. For the esoteric, this is indisputable proof of the existence of the soul, although for scientists is a subject that has great difficulty. To this day, they are sure that extracorporeal experiences exist, although they do not know what the reason is or how it works. It is believed that there are those who seek to enter this state often, in order to expand their knowledge.

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