Published 2017-08-17
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9 Real photos taken at the right place and time...

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a brilliant French artist who had the opportunity to portray iconic people such as Picasso, Marie Curie, Édith Piaf or Fidel Castro. Recognized as the "father" of photographic reporting, he always talked about the importance of the "decisive moment", the time when everything became meaningful in a picture. He could spend hours crouched with his camera until "fishing" a moment as fantastic as the one below.

According to these words, we will show you 9 funny portraits captured at the perfect time...

1. Instant eruption

Volcanoes are really precious geographic elements, but they are nevertheless a real danger when they erupt. This nice couple caught the action at the right time. Thanks to a snapshot we can appreciate the majesty of the "fungus" of smoke that ascends to the heavens which undoubtedly is difficult to be taken normally. We only hope that these two have not stayed long in the area because these gases are extremely toxic...

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2. Air firefighters

This plane was seen passing briefly to precipitate thousands of gallons of flame retardant chemicals into a fire that was dangerously approaching the habitats of the district of the one who took this picture. It looks like an effective and diligent device that guarded all the citizens of the town. However, and being aware of the situation, we know, that those who took the picture would have to leave the area...

3. Water Titans

This group of blue whales emerged to catch air at the same time, and it was enough to create such an unlikely documented picture. Luckily, the little fisherman's boat did not suffer any damage, and the creatures were not enraged or anything like that. And it is lucky because they are really massive, with weights of up to 170 tons and lengths exceeded the 30 meters. Knowing these figures, this picture becomes more shocking...

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4. Flapping

This little bird was fluttering in front of the lens when this picture was made. It can be seen how blurred are its wings since the camera fails to capture them in static. In addition, perspective makes it look like it has gigantic dimensions. The bird, which flutters the fastest, is the hummingbird, with more than 55 movements per second on average. However, the one we see in the photo will not reach more than 20.

5. Holiday

The artist who created this snapshot captured a beautiful sunset in a natural setting and its corresponding reflection in the water. A beautiful picture document that reminds us of vacation days, full of adventures in which we came to our homes with nothing to worry, only to rest and looking away. Something like that probably was feeling the meditative dog that appears in the left part of the image, as touching as the landscape...

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6. Smiling seal

This baby seal will make you want to have one as a pet. We can observe how perfectly she is posing in front of the camera. She is undoubtedly adorable and one of the stars of our list! What a smile this little creature has! At the early ages, most animals are extremely curious, and this one also could not miss the chance to see a camera closely. It looks like a teddy toy, so "cute" and pretty...

7. Motorcyclist - astronaut

Hunting a faraway object in the distance and making it appear much closer by using people or things in the foreground has always been a clever and funny trick. This is not the next mission of the American space agency, but a spectacular motocross jump and the picture was caught at the appropriate time. Actually, this biker seems to be touching our satellite with his fingertips. Isn't that impressive? Touching the moon!

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8. Heavenly Hideaway

On warm days, what is better than having your own tank of clear water in which you can lie placidly, without any concern? This image taken at the precise moment reminds us of these characteristics and of the importance of having some rest and relaxation, which is great for the soul. No, it's not photographic retouching, and the girl is not levitating. In some parts (hidden to the tourist masses) of the planet, there are places like this...

9. Special photobomb

This couple was lucky enough to spend a little time with a friendly stingray that appeared in the frame unexpectedly. The ocean is full of wildlife creatures! The smiling creature seems to be enjoying the holidays as much as the humans it had just met... What a wonderful souvenir from holidays!

So we reached the end of our list. What do you think? Which of these photographs did you like the most?
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Leonus Louis
Leonus Louis 9/3/17, 6:09 AM
The sting ray looks so amazing....
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Anjali Sharma 9/3/17, 6:09 AM
Preeti Ishita Simran Sonali Rajni
Pubali Bhattacharya
Pubali Bhattacharya 9/2/17, 6:08 AM
Really dont eat anything. Die everyone.
Vikram Kumar
Vikram Kumar 9/1/17, 6:08 AM
Last there any reflection of that sting ray in water?
Shushil Parmar
Shushil Parmar 9/1/17, 6:08 AM
Soham Soni hahah slmacchi to jo
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Abhishek Kashinathan 8/31/17, 6:08 AM
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