Published 2017-08-22
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4 Fun RIDDLES that will test the power of your mind...

As we have noticed our readers like whatever posts that are related to solving puzzles and hobbies. The users are always eager to give the best of themselves during such a task so, as DazzkingNews, we are delighted to offer you the best. It is possible that sometimes the difficulty is not very high, but we are sure that fun during solving them is as much important. Just check your mental abilities with our riddles...

4 Fun RIDDLES that will test the power of your mind... 1

In today's article we will show you 4 riddles that not everyone is able to solve: did you know that only 2% of the respondents had the ability or the luck to solve all our tests? We urge you to take a blank sheet and a pencil or even to invite a friend to join and compete to see who will give the true answer first. That will make this challenge so much cooler... Do you have your brain ready?

4 Fun RIDDLES that will test the power of your mind... 2

1. The total sum

One of America's most famous athletes, Arthur Black, had broken his baseball bat that morning and lost his ball, so he went to a local store to buy those two items. Luckily the store owner informed him that there was one unit left. He brought a complete set and Black had to pay a final price of $ 1.10. Knowing that the bat costs a dollar more than the ball, what is the value of each?
Do not come down until you think you have solved the test!

1. The total sum

This puzzle is one of the most complicated that can be found, apart from that it can confuse the population of in quite a simple way. Did you know that the most given answer is that the bat is worth 1 dollar and the ball 10 cents? Although this adds $ 1.10, the truth is that the difference between the two objects is not that simple. So, what is the ultimate answer? We are sure that you have reached it: 1.05 $ the punch element and just 0.05 $ the ball!

1. The total sum 1

2. The Snail's Adventure

A small gastropod was escaping (slowly) from a bird who was trying to eat him, so when he saw a well, he did not think twice and went in. The darkness of that gloomy place provided a perfect hiding place against predators, but there was no grass or leaves to eat. We know that the invertebrate wanted to get out, but for every three meters that he went up each day, it went back 2. If the well has a total height of 5 meters, how many days did it take the snail to go out from there?

2. The Snail's Adventure

Think it over well before giving an answer, as it may not be the right one. You may have thought of something: if he ascends every day 3 meters but lowers 2, it means that the final subtraction is 1 meter. So, would the snail take5 days to get out of the well? The truth is different: on the third day the gastropod has reached the top of the building, but as it is at the top, it does not fall. So, the answer is 3! Only 2 out of 10 people know this answer, so we congratulate you if you have succeeded.

2. The Snail's Adventure 1

3. The fatal doors

A boy named Mark a few years ago lived through one of the worst experiences that can happen to a person: he was kidnapped by a malefactor. This guy wanted to test if the young man had the guts enough to leave his dwelling, so he placed three different signs by each door. It was written that behind the first of them was a man armed with a revolver, behind the second was waiting for him a hungry lion that had not eaten for a year, while behind the last there was a huge fire. Which one has Mark chosen to escape?

3. The fatal doors

85% of the population is unable to solve this test before a minute passes, but surely you have already given the final solution. It is clear that going unarmed against a gunman is a very high risk that we should not take, just like is crazy to face the flames being unprotected or without water to extinguish it. Who also would face such a hungry lion? Possibly no one. But wait... which animal can survive a year without eating? Sure none, so probably the creature already lost his life... Mark came to this conclusion and chose the second door!

3. The fatal doors 1

4. The hidden figure

To finish the article we present you one of the most viral tests of the network, which seems to be complicated to the majority of our readers. Let's go with the operations: 3 snowflakes add together to give 30, a glass and two candy canes offer us 20 units; the cane and the cups add up to give 9. What then is the final result of the following account: 1 cane plus a glass multiplied by a snowflake? Do not be in a hurry to solve it and look carefully at all the details of the image... Come down when you think you're right!

4. The hidden figure

It seems quite obvious that each unit of snow has a value of 10, and that the Christmas objects would offer us 5 units. And what about glasses? Thanks to the third operation we deduce that each of them is represented by the number 1. Now that we have these data... let's solve the final count quickly! Remember that in these cases the first thing to do is the multiplication: "10 x 1 = 10". Finally, we added 5 to get what we are looking for: 15.

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4. The hidden figure 1
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