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A person's future could be hidden in their wrist lines and this is what it means

In DazzlingNews, we have written about what the lines on your palm and thumb can tell you about your future, personality and love life. Today we are going to tell you about what the lines on your wrist can tell you about your future. We are not sure how the lines or our future is linked but so far palmistry has done a pretty good job of convincing us that our whole life is actually written in our hands.

A person's future could be hidden in their wrist lines and this is what it means 1

Life’s a mystery, full of surprises with ups and downs. Sometimes we can do something about it and other times there’s nothing we can do. Even if the predictions do not exactly happen how it is supposed to, we can’t deny the fact that sometimes it is spot on! It at least gives us an idea of what to expect in the near future. So if this universe’s way of telling us about our future, why not make use of it?

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A person's future could be hidden in their wrist lines and this is what it means 2

Before we start revealing the hidden story behind each of our bracelet line or as the Palmists call it, Rascette lines. To figure the different line on your wrist, place your dominant hand out palm side up. You will notice faint lines where your hand and arm join. When you curl your wrist you will be able to see the lines more clearly. It is believed that each line can indicate around 30 years of life.

The health line

The health line

The health line which is the first line on your wrist is the most important line. If the line appears to be deep and is straight, it means you will live a long life in good health.
If the health line is light or has a gap or is broken, it means you need to change the way you live and adapt to a more healthy living lifestyle.
If the health line has several gaps or it curves to the base of the palm, it means you may face fertility difficulties. It's the same for both men and women.

The Next line stands for health and success!

The health line 1

The success line

The success line is the second line on your wrist and it is almost similar to the health line in terms of shape and depth and it stands for wealth and success.
If the success line is dark, deep and straight then it means you will be successful both financially and in wealth.
If your health line is light and broken but the other lines are well defined, then it means that you may overcome the problems at a young age and become very successful and hardworking in the future.
If the success line has several gaps, it means that you may experience fluctuations in your finances before it gets stable permanently.

The success line

The influence line

The third line on your wrist is the influence line. Not everyone has this line and it stands for social prosperity. If you have the influence line or if it is deep or straight, it means that you are an active member of society. You live a long life and use it to be an influential figure and bring about positive changes. Everyone knows who you are and is always looking up to you for advice.

Find out what the Next line stands for!

The influence line

The strength line

Not every goes past the second wrist line, so if you have the fourth line too, you are one of a kind and the luckiest! The line stands for a very very very long life. It is a rare line so it is closely linked to the influence line. A fourth line which distinct or even just visible means that you have a very strong influence on the people. It is possible that you will have loads descendants and maybe live to see most of them too!

The strength line

Now that you know how to read your wrist lines and you would like to know more about your future, health and how you act in matters of love, check out our palm and thumb reading articles. It is going to give you great insight on your life and future! Tell us what you think in the comments! We would love to hear it!

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The strength line 1
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