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MAY borns dating astrology!

Dating is a process that will take time and energy and not everyone is willing to go all the way since it can be frustrating at times. After the honeymoon phase of the relationship, the reality hits you and you need to start getting to know the person you are dating more and more in order to have a successful happy relationship which is not so easy to obtain. Knowing about the traits they share with other people that were born in the same month helps you to get that happiness and satisfaction in your relationship easier.

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In this series, we will give you tips on how to keep your partner happy based on their birth month. To get May borns there, many things are needed to be considered. One of the things is to be aware of the fact that they are completely self-aware. What we mean is that they know exactly how emotional they are and whom they are attracted to but they also know how to hide that tactfully. Since they do not know how to express them, all they do is hide them.

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It is very difficult for them to switch their feelings from one person to another. That comes from the fact that they feel like every relationship lasts forever and when it does not, they feel lost! In their lives, they need someone who is powerful and can take care of things for them. Someone that can constantly express how much they love them and someone who is not afraid of public expression of love! What you need to be careful about when it comes to them is…

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Indulgement! They are economical so it is not really pleasant for them when you spend the money on something you do not even need! They can be envious and even kind of authoritarian and if you want to find a way out of this, you need to be smart enough to lead him your way calmly. That is not something that everyone can do! Appearance wise, they all are quite good looking. Whoever that ends up with them needs to thank their lucky star!

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Remember how we told you that they do not know how to express their feelings?! Well, they are smart enough to find a way around this. They may write you a romantic poem and send it to you anonymously. They prove their love to you by the gifts that they buy for you on different occasions. They will walk you under the stars to make the most romantic memories for you. What else do you need?! We guess you can do just fine without hearing the terms of endearments right out of their mouth!

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If May borns express their love for you, it is genuine. Whatever chance they get, they will take you to a serene restaurant to dine out. They are the type of partner that will tell you all about the house they want to build for you. They are always one step ahead, thinking about the future they will be able to create with you if you stay with them. They love to plan ahead. And this is the reason why they think their love is immortal.

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How to make a May born man fall for you

Your May born man is the sweetest ever. He wants you to accompany him everywhere. He follows his heart more than his mind. So if you want to make him fall for you, you need to be someone who is so expressive and emotion as well. Someone that can provoke his feelings. It is better to accept him the way he is and don’t look for making any major changes in them because you will fail. He does not want to be called out for the way he’d like to spend his time.

How to make a May born man fall for you

You need to learn to change your personality according to his. He is fond of business and financial matters so you can talk about that with him. He appreciates the beauty and bright colors so when you are with him make sure that you are using lively colors. He feels like he does not like changes and is not open to new things but you need to know that he loves freshness and creativity to be unique!

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How to make a May born lady fall for you

To make this lady fall for you, you need to know some points that we will point them out just about now. You will find her someone who is incredibly benevolent and of course someone who attracts the opposite gender so you will have so many rivals. The best way to win their heart is a lot of attention and love. She loves to be loved unconditionally and to be given compliments continuously. So probably the best way is to shower her with gifts.

How to make a May born lady fall for you

And those gifts need to be really present if you know what we mean. She is incredibly idealistic and romantic. She might look so modern but she wants to have a taste of that good, old, long lasting love. The old fashion ones in the movies. You probably will meet her in a workplace so impress her with your working skills. Be meticulous and organized and you will have a better chance of capturing her attention. And do not forget that she loves good food!

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Han ye b to
RoHit AttRee
RoHit AttRee 9/28/17, 6:08 AM
but koi na m firr bhi..
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but yr m yeh sochra jbtk usko yeh sb ni pta to vo tere bf hi kse ho skta.. :p
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