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9 Actors who got dangerously sick because of the sacrifices they made for their role

2. Daniel Day-Lewis "Gangs of New York"

Daniel Day-Lewis is known for being strongly devoted to the role and he does a lot of "crazy" preparation for characters he plays. And just before shooting a "Gangs of New York" to feel like a half-madman, Bill the Butcher that he played, the actor wore a thin coat and walked along the streets of New York. Because it was a December and the temperature was below zero, he got sick of pneumonia.

2. Daniel Day-Lewis "Gangs of New York"

3. Jonah Hill "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Another Martin Scorsese movie that caused a lot of health troubles... As we know this is a movie not only about the money but also illegal substance. Of course, while shooting actors used vitamin powder, actually crushed B vitamins. Jonah Hill said that after making so many scenes in which he was doing so much inhaling he got bronchitis and had to be hospitalized.

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3. Jonah Hill "The Wolf of Wall Street"
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Horrors that badly affected actors who starred in them
Bhanu Pratap
Bhanu Pratap 9/1/17, 6:06 AM
They are not solving the world food crisis. We just over estimate these over pampered spoiled brats.
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