Published 2017-08-28
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TEST: The color that a person's drawn to can predict their future!

Before we give you any kind of test, especially the personality ones, we try it for ourselves, just to see how accurate it is. And this one, which has been going around the internet for a while now is eerily accurate. All you need to do is choose any color from the picture below, each shade reveals something about your life and future! So let’s start with the test! And don’t forget your choice of shade!



ONE: This shade of purple means that you are looking for a way out. You want to experience the world on your own. Don’t be afraid of being alone, you are an optimistic person, so instead take it as a challenge and take this time to learn yourself better.

TWO: You need to stop having your head in the clouds. You are always imagining situations and they would be. Instead of thinking too much, make a plan on doing things. Taking action. You will see much better results.

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Purple 1

THREE: You deserve respect and you know it. But you might not want to look desperate for it. If you do, it is less likely that the people will feel like giving it to you. Carry on with life being humble and kind. And respect will come to you when you least expect it.

FOUR: People look to you as a pillar of nobility. Perhaps you are busy keeping too many people afloat and they are tearing you down. Don’t lose your strength, but also take time for yourself to experience more joy. Don’t feel bad about shirking a responsibility here and there if it means you can re-energize.



If you picked a shade of black or white, it means more than just bad and good.

ONE: Black is a color that matches with all the other colors. It shows that you are a powerful person who prefers to have stability. If you think your life has been going a little slow, meet new people.

TWO: A color that most people consider dull. But if this was your choice of shade, it shows that you’re stable and classy. You might not be spontaneous but people look up to you.

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Black 1

THREE: You are most likely to over think about your life and future. You might not be sure of the next big step in your life, so ask help from trusted ones if you need it. Other than that, stop worrying, you need to do something about it.

FOUR: You are a very simple person and people admire you for that. You need to make sure to take care of yourself too and not just others. With a color like yours, you can bring little color from everyone else.



If you picked a shade of yellow, then it is connected to your intellect and health. With regards to health, yellow is not a positive sign and it can also refer to a person's instability. Life needs to be colorful!

ONE: You are a very confident person and with this shade of yellow it means you are motivated to achieve your goals. You may get distracted, so try not to.

TWO: Sometimes you need to have a clear head if you are trying to achieve something. You can’t do too many things at once. There’s something bothering you and it’s taking too much space in your mind. Let go of it so you can focus on what’s important.

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Yellow 1

THREE: You feel like you’re not giving your best and you are getting demotivated easily. Maybe you need a break, so go on a short holiday if necessary. If you’re still feeling tired, get yourself checked by a doctor.

FOUR: Be around people who are going to give you a boost of energy and liven your spirits. You have been feeling a little tired, bored and demotivated. Do things that you have never done before if need be.



ONE: Being one of the strongest colors in color spectrum, you are either looking for peace or you have found it already. Whatever power and will you’re looking is within you.

TWO: Once you’ve found a sense of calmness it is hard for you to get back to a life that had its ups and downs. Quiet and stable life is good, but it can get pretty robotic. Try to do new things, now's the time.

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Blue 1

THREE: A light shade of blue indicates security and health. If things have been bothering you, take your time to deal with it. Make sure not to lose your mind over it or else you will just be more stressed.

FOUR: You’ve been wanting an adventure for quite some time. You don’t have to backpack through the mountains or set out on safari for this adventure, either. If you’ve been wanting to go on a certain vacation for a long time, it’s time to start prioritizing that trip, it will bring balance to your life and re-energize you.

Blue 2

When most of us tried this test, we couldn’t believe how true it was! So we couldn’t wait for you guys to try it too. We hope you enjoyed learning more about your future, what to do about it.
If you would like to have more tests like this from us, let us know! Also, tell us in the comments if what we said was all true!
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Source: The Minds Journal

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