Published 2017-08-28
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TEST: The color that a person's drawn to can predict their future!

THREE: You deserve respect and you know it. But you might not want to look desperate for it. If you do, it is less likely that the people will feel like giving it to you. Carry on with life being humble and kind. And respect will come to you when you least expect it.

FOUR: People look to you as a pillar of nobility. Perhaps you are busy keeping too many people afloat and they are tearing you down. Don’t lose your strength, but also take time for yourself to experience more joy. Don’t feel bad about shirking a responsibility here and there if it means you can re-energize.



If you picked a shade of black or white, it means more than just bad and good.

ONE: Black is a color that matches with all the other colors. It shows that you are a powerful person who prefers to have stability. If you think your life has been going a little slow, meet new people.

TWO: A color that most people consider dull. But if this was your choice of shade, it shows that you’re stable and classy. You might not be spontaneous but people look up to you.

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Black 1
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