Published 2017-08-29
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7 Hidden functions on your iPhone that you did not know...

The first iPhone was introduced by the technology icon Steve Jobs in 2007. A fantastic invention that changed since then the way we all relate to these devices, the whole computer with the size of our pocket. In 74 days they sold a million copies of this first cell phone. And they did it for $ 500 per unit. He is currently the sales leader, (several million only in the public releases) and an example to be followed by many other companies.
Here are 7 hidden features that you did not know about your smartphone…

1. Information about your location

The iPhone operating system saves and collects all possible information about the places you have been if you leave the GPS function activated. It contains a database that is developed with all your daily movements. If you want to know how much time you were at school in total, at work or even buying bread, you can use your cell phone to find out. Go to the Settings screen and select Privacy, there you can find the exact coordinates and other interesting data of your routes.

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2. Know exactly the signal level

If you are struggling to get good coverage of your device you can access to know a reading of your signal in numbers instead of in the simple bars. Number *3001#12345#* on your phone and then press Call to enter Field Test mode. In the upper left of your screen, you will see a number between 0 and -100, which represents the power of your frequency, meaning zero a perfect and -100 the worst possible. This way, you can see these numbers change as you move to find a better point to communicate. To exit, simply press the Home button.

3. Hide your photos

iPhones have a hidden function that can be quite useful, where you can put the images that it would be better not to leave in sight in the background. Put your finger and hold it on the picture you want to hide, and an action menu will appear. Press "Hide" and confirm by pressing again, so you will move these files to a secret album that only you will know. You can return it uncovered in the same way...

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4. Control by gestures

Although it is hard to believe, there is a way to execute remote commands on your cell by shaking your head. In Settings, you will have to go to the General section, and then Accessibility. There, you select Control by Button and in Buttons, you can create a specific code to link for example the lateral movement of your skull with the modification of the volume, or even make a photograph. A simple way to use your device...

5. Divert messages

If you have suffered any types of harassment or want to block messages that can reach you from unknown numbers, there is a way to do so and filter them. Go to Messages on the Settings screen and activate the Filter Unknown tab there. This will be relegated to a hidden folder that you can check from time to time if you want, but that will not flood your mobile with texts of unwanted contacts.

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6. Disable Passwords

If you get tired of having to enter the password or the fingerprint detector every time you download an application, iPhone has an efficient procedure so you do not have to go back, always with your consent. Go to the Settings section and select Touch ID and code and uncheck the iTunes Store and App Store tab. On the older cell phones you will have to go to the screen of these stores and disable the password there.

7. Shake to undo an error

One of the things that Android systems have over Apple competition is the return button. On iPhones, there is no such element, but you can actually return a typing error by waving your cell from side to side. Simply go to the Settings, and there to General, Accessibility and Shake To Undo, where you can choose to activate this function or deactivate it. A quick method that will familiarize you quickly. What do you think?

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