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AUGUST borns dating astrology!

Dating is a process that will take time and energy and not everyone is willing to go all the way since it can be frustrating at times. After the honeymoon phase of the relationship, the reality hits you and you need to start getting to know the person you are dating more and more in order to have a successful happy relationship which is not so easy to obtain. Knowing about the traits they share with other people that were born in the same month will help you to get that happiness and satisfaction in your relationship.

In this series, we will give you tips on how to keep your partner happy based on their birth month. To get August borns there, many things are needed to be considered. One of the things is that August born is always looking for a way to charm people. When they love someone, they fall for that person wholeheartedly and losing that person in life for them is the end of the world. Even a normal disagreement with their partner is something that saddens them deeply.

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If you are in love with them, you need to find out how important this is to them and just be as serious about the relationship as they are. Whatever mistakes the person who is in love with them makes, it is very hard for them to get over. They are always accompanied by a group of people. Never solo. You will probably always find them with a group of fans that keep complimenting them. They always need to have their audiences for whatever they are doing or they cannot do.

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Considering all that, it is not easy to date them. However, the other side of the coin is that they are willing to have a bleeding love if their partner is there with them. As a partner, you need to know that respect is what they need the most. Well, only aside from their need for being complimented. August born partners will support you through right and wrong and are unbelievably great lovers so to win their heart there is not much you have to do! They are hopeless romantics.

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They will spend as much money as they can on you to show how much they love you and how much they actually care. With all the fancy restaurants they take you, all the expensive accessories they purchase for you, all the love letters they write, a stone cold heart is needed to resist. They are so cheerful only when they feel like it! Make sure that you are not using common compliments and cliche ones with these people. You need to be innovative and creative to break to get their attention.

The months that goes perfect with these people are April because of how emotional they are so that they can shower August borns with love and compliments. December because they are sensitive so they get August borns better and easier than others. November borns because they are benevolent and caring; just the right one everyone needs as a partner. However, depending on their gender, things might go a little bit differently and their choices and traits may differ so for that reason we have divided them into two groups gender based.

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How to make an August born man fall for you

Your August born man is someone who is confident and sometimes proud. Right when you meet him and you fall for them at the first sight remind yourself something; do not express how enthusiastic you are and how badly you want to be with him. He falls easier when you are a mystery to him which applies to most of the men. Because he wants to feel like he is winning your heart, you need to remember not to be so aggressive. Just make him feel like he is the one with the power at first.

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He is not shy and he doesn’t fake modesty. When you are in a relationship with him, there no longer is any reason for you to hide your feelings for him. Living with them requires your patience because he is under the influence of the people around him. He likes for his partner to be someone who looks fresh and clean all the time. Not too fancy but fresh. Satisfying them is frustrating but it's worth it so do not give up just yet.

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How to make an August born lady fall for you

An August born lady, just like any other woman loves to hear compliments. You should never forget the important days that you were romantically involved, like the anniversary or the birthday or the first day that you met or that one night you went to that particular restaurant. Just remember everything! She loves to cook for you and to take care of you. Make sure that you spend a lot of time with them alone because that is what they like.

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Most of the August-born women are athletes or more accurately, sporty. They enjoy every kind of sports. This does not necessarily mean that you can take her to a football match as a date. Just like any other girl, she needs to go to the cinema or opera to feel special. Whatever fancy captures her attention so it is better if the place you have booked is the flashiest! It sure will win her heart.

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Dudeeeee this is for you!
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