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Suprising facts about the King of Pop

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was one of the most loved musicians all over the globe. His commitment to music, his devotion towards creating music, and his extraordinarily massive measures of ability can never be compared at all. Michael Jackson ruled the world of pop music for more than four decades and he still has fans world over. He is considered to be the legend of pop music.
Here are few amazing facts about this Pop King.

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He made music for games

The King of Pop along with Brad Buxer, one of his key board players, were requested to make music for the famous gaming company Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. They have created music for the game Sonic 3, though it was known as a rumor but later it was confirmed that they have made the music.

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"Thriller" wasn't actually "Thriller"

One of the greatest songs, "Thriller", had a different name at the very beginning. Originally it was named as "Give Me Some Starlight", but it was changed because the King of Pop thought it wasn't so appealing to the younger audience. Finally, this song went on to become "Thriller", it earned lots of money and also many hearts among his fans. This song was the most played song at every Halloween party.

Jackson as Spiderman?!

The King of Pop was a huge fan of comics. He wanted to act as Spiderman in the superhero film. Jackson knew he would not be given a chance to act in it so he had offered Lee to sell Marvel to him. Michael knew he could only act as Spiderman if he owned it but the chairman of Marvel rejected this deal stating he had no plans to sell it.

Music in his mind

Michael Jackson has a strange way of composing music. He fully thought about the song in his mind without writing it on paper. Jackson preferred to go directly to the recording studio and start singing the song. The best part about it is that he could also sing every note of every chord without it being written anywhere. He also had the best ability to record everything, including the music, directly onto a cassette using a recorder.

Supportive drug dealers

The song “They Don’t Care About Us” was filmed in Rio, Brazil. But the government of Brazil did not want Jackson to shoot his song in their country because they thought it would spoil the image of their city. So they have told Jackson that they cannot provide any help to film it in Rio. But Michael was helped by the drug dealers of Brazil who took care of security and every other aspect for him to film his song.

His way to lean forward and come back mid-air

The famous song "Smooth Criminal" had Michael Jackson’s signature step. He leans forward towards the ground and comes back mid-air. While shooting for the song, particularly for this step, Michael was tied with wires so that he can be pulled back mid-air. But Jackson wanted to do the same step during a live performance and for that he, along with two others, created a shoe which could hook itself to the floor and could be activated whenever he wanted to do that step.

Record holder in many ways

Michael Jackson has had amazing records in his life and career. His most famous album “Thriller” is the best-selling album, about 65 million copies were sold till date. But this is not it, Michael along with Janet had created a video titled “Scream" which was the costliest video eve as it cost an estimated $7,000,000. Michael has 23 Guinness World records to his name, along with it, he has 13 Grammys, 40 Billboard Awards and 26 American Music Awards.

Jackson's robot replica

Michael wanted a huge robot replica of himself and let it roam around the desert in Nevada. And he wanted this robot to shoot laser beams. Jackson was already in talks with a company to have his massive robot produced. Around then, he was likewise remaining in the city and was thinking how to correctly organize grounds for his rebound after he was out of a molestation case.

Ambulance at every concert was a standard

Michael Jackson popularly known as MJ or King of Pop had a huge following all over the globe. Whenever Michael had any live performances or any stage shows there always used to be many ambulances outside the location because most of his fans used to faint and fall down during the concert while listening to his songs. This was due to their love towards MJ and his songs. You can tell people treated his music very emotionally.
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