Published 2016-12-06
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Suprising facts about the King of Pop

"Thriller" wasn't actually "Thriller"

One of the greatest songs, "Thriller", had a different name at the very beginning. Originally it was named as "Give Me Some Starlight", but it was changed because the King of Pop thought it wasn't so appealing to the younger audience. Finally, this song went on to become "Thriller", it earned lots of money and also many hearts among his fans. This song was the most played song at every Halloween party.

Jackson as Spiderman?!

The King of Pop was a huge fan of comics. He wanted to act as Spiderman in the superhero film. Jackson knew he would not be given a chance to act in it so he had offered Lee to sell Marvel to him. Michael knew he could only act as Spiderman if he owned it but the chairman of Marvel rejected this deal stating he had no plans to sell it.

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