Published 2017-08-30
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4 Bollywood marriages that moved forward despite controversies

1. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh

When these two Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh got together all fans were over the moon. The couple shared a great magic due together in whatever movie they appeared. When they first met, it was on the set of the movie Zehreela Insaan and Neetu was only 14. They fell in love and despite the fact that Neetu’s mother did not agree at first, they got married. Later on, there were rumors that she filed for a divorce and even filed a complaint about domestic violence. Despite all that. Neetu came back and took care of Rishi and her family.

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Neetu said: “There always comes a phase in a couple's life when there would be friction, disagreements. Rishi and I also went through that stage. It was just one of those problems which only the husband and wife would understand. Fortunately, we were able to sort out our differences. Today, everything is forgotten.”
Despite all that, the love story of their life is still writing itself.

Can you guess who the NEXT couple is?!

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