Published 2017-08-30
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8 Indians must-watch WEB SERIES!!!

2. Ladies room

Ladies room is a story about two best friends and the mental adventure they go through. It is a show about modern young women struggling to grow up as they grow old. These girls are not any typical type of girls and they are not apologetic about it. Ratnabali Bhattacharjee the writer said: “We just wrote characters like us, reacting to situations the way we would. Yes, we’re both feminists and I’m sure that comes through, but we did not set out to write a feminist comedy."

3. Bang Baaja Baraat

Ali Fazal is one of the most underrated actors in the industry and this show is about a couple that their real struggle begins when their families, who by the way are quite different, meet and want to get to the wedding part of the relationship. The story line is unbelievably relatable. Just watch it and you will see what we are talking about. This web series is a must watch!

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Rishabh Srivastava
Rishabh Srivastava 9/6/17, 6:06 AM
My favorite is the 8th one (pitcher)
Puja Khanna
Puja Khanna 9/6/17, 6:06 AM
Web series are awesome
Arti Agrawal
Arti Agrawal 9/6/17, 6:06 AM
Sneha Miniyar.....Mugdha Satao.....Anagha Dhore...Vedika Sharma
Vikas Vasava
Vikas Vasava 9/6/17, 6:06 AM
Permanent Roommates & Tripling. These two too.
Arushi Dhawan
Arushi Dhawan 9/6/17, 6:06 AM
Pura time hi free hai
Manas Buchade
Manas Buchade 9/6/17, 6:06 AM
Goddamn Pitcherss ❤️❤️
Shreya Bhatt
Shreya Bhatt 9/5/17, 6:06 AM
Ek do ko chod k Sari dekh li
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