Published 2016-12-06
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Tips to start a good conversation with your crush

Did you like somebody for a while, and you've at last decided that you will talk to them. Then an ideal approach to talking with the person you like is to plan yourself up. You might be excited, worried and shy, nevertheless prepare yourself to it! It's always better to talk and not to wait for too long. Be confident and ready for this conversation, don't get stressed and believe in yourself. Everything is gonna be ok but if you still doubt it then we have a few tips to make it a bit easier for you.

Find out what this person likes

First and foremost you need to think properly and plan it up in the best way. It’s always better to have an easier and a simple topic to start a conversation. It would be the best if you can get some information about her interests and start talking about them. When the person you have a crush on gets interested in such topics, then you can continue talking for a longer time which of course is something that you want.

Always try to keep it very simple

At the beginning speak in a way where they can understand your words properly without any issues. Never use big or complicated words that might make them uncomfortable. Always try to talk in the same language that you both are most comfortable with. Talk about things that you both have knowledge about. This would be the ideal way for you to have the best start.

Be confident

Confidence is the most important thing in any conversation and when it comes to people you like it’s always better if you be confident enough. Always be positive and ask questions that you might have fun talking about. Let them answer and then either continue with the topic or else ask something different. It depends upon what and how this person answers to your first question.

Don't sound desperate

Having a balance is always important. Never ask too many questions because they might think you are desperate. Never ever talk a lot about yourself. It may become boring and she might want to leave the conversation and walk away. So it’s always better that you plan up things in a right way.

Time and place matter

Time and place also play a major role in starting up a long and nice conversation, where things can work out in the best possible way for you. It's always important that you choose the right place to talk, where you both can have peace of mind and not be interrupted. Choosing the right time is also very crucial. Always start a conversation when you're confident enough that you both have time to talk and for continuing it for a long time. Don't rush!

Be natural

Being natural and truthful is very important when you're having your first conversation. Never fake around just to impress this person because if they get to know the reality you will not be able to explain yourself. You probably won't have the same relation that you had before. It might become very interesting if you tell few cool things about yourself but it’s more important to show interest in that special other person.

Let them talk

Always talk about things that might interest that person because it will help you both to get to know each other. Never talk about things that might end up into controversies or get you into trouble. It’s always better to talk about things such as: hobbies, likes and dislikes, about each other's friends or your lives, but in a very simple way. Let them talk as much as they want, you will gain knowledge about them and they get used to your company.

Be funny!

Having a funny conversation is always good! Try to be a bit cheeky and witty. Crack few jokes within the context of what you're talking about. It’s good to be funny but make sure you sound smart enough and draw a line because you don't really want to overboard with your jokes. It might complicate things for you. The most important thing while cracking a joke is that you never make fun of them. Some people get offended easily.

Smell nice

Last and the most important thing you should never forget before going out with the person you like or before starting a conversation with them is that you need to smell good, both your body and your mouth. Always ensure that you use the right perfumes and grab a few mints along with you. Having some mint is even more important when you plan to talk after a nice meal.
Hope these tips will help you to have the best FIRST conversation ever!
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