Published 2017-08-31
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4 Bollywood actors who cheated on their wives!

Mona in her interviewed made a show of what her husband Boney Kapoor did for everyone to know, "Boney was 10 years older to me. I was 19 when I married him. So I literally grew up with him. Ours was a 13-year-old marriage. So it came as a shock when I realized that my husband was in love with somebody else... There was nothing left in the relationship to give it a chance because Sridevi was already with a child.She should understand that Boney is quite attached to his kids and that there is nothing wrong if he meets them or takes them out for a picnic. After all, he is their father". Despite all that happened, the couple moved forward strong and they still are together.

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Aamir Khan

The love Aamir Khan had for Reena was something that had its ups and downs. Reena was living in front of the building Aamir Khan was living. In an interview, he said that he was spending more than usual time in front of the window and he was head over heels in love so he decided to confess his love hoping that she would feel the same but apparently: "And as it happened she said that she didn’t so I was devastated that this can’t be happening to me again."

See what Aamir Khan did to win her heart!

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7 Actors who were forgiven by their wives even though they cheated on them!
Sofiqul Islam
Sofiqul Islam 9/30/17, 6:09 AM
Almighty bless u Amir Khan Ji...
Aniket Pradhan
Aniket Pradhan 9/24/17, 6:08 AM
The careless whispers of a good friend.....
Raghavendra Bastwad
Raghavendra Bastwad 9/24/17, 6:08 AM
That doesn't mean he's bad person
Huma Khanam
Huma Khanam 9/23/17, 6:08 AM
Bhaaaaaai..... discussion hoga jab milenge to
Sonti Ganesh
Sonti Ganesh 9/22/17, 6:07 AM
The great "perfectionist" has conducted a programme called "Satyamev Jayate" on TV preaching gospels and virtues keeping his dark side under wraps. Further his present spouse and "mr.perfectionist" feel that India is not safe for them and their children. This thought comes to them in their bedroom.
Nasia Hareem
Nasia Hareem 9/22/17, 6:07 AM
Huma Khanam. Behen pdhh
Huma Khanam
Huma Khanam 9/23/17, 6:08 AM
Bhaaaaaai..... discussion hoga jab milenge to
Shankar Barahanpur
Shankar Barahanpur 9/21/17, 6:07 AM
Secular brigade calls him as perfectionist..Shame on him ..Now he s getting ready to marry 17 year old heroen of dangal film ..Who acted as his daughter...
Śùnìl Hìppãraģi
Śùnìl Hìppãraģi 9/21/17, 6:07 AM
Sridevi was too sexy At that time
Rohit Pandey
Rohit Pandey 9/20/17, 6:07 AM
'that'is used for non-living things. 'who'is used for living things
Kenny Stubbs
Kenny Stubbs 9/20/17, 6:07 AM
Debasis Das yesterday v wr talkin abt ds
Mano Ranjan
Mano Ranjan 9/19/17, 6:07 AM
Grammatical error... It should read... Actors that were caught cheating their wife.
Rohit Pandey
Rohit Pandey 9/20/17, 6:07 AM
'that'is used for non-living things. 'who'is used for living things
Sakshi Shivam Shukla
Sakshi Shivam Shukla 9/19/17, 6:07 AM
Phir shadi kerte h kyon hoo..stupid
Subramaniam Sundaram
Subramaniam Sundaram 9/18/17, 6:07 AM
amir, an absolute piece of joke when it comes to his family life!!
Falguni Bhatt Mehta
Falguni Bhatt Mehta 9/18/17, 6:07 AM
Only four??????? Ther must b uncounted
Jayaram Subramaniyam
Jayaram Subramaniyam 9/17/17, 6:07 AM
Let us stop celebrating these idiots cum rogues.
Jeevan Shetty
Jeevan Shetty 9/17/17, 6:07 AM
And boney had acted in????
Kangkan Baruah
Kangkan Baruah 9/13/17, 6:06 AM
You don't have to worry about wife if you don't have anyone
Swaminathangeethamohan Krishnan
Swaminathangeethamohan Krishnan 9/11/17, 6:06 AM
Once Our Actress Revathi was speaking on this subject in Chennai at a meeting. She stated that the infeidelity by a Man should be punished by cutting of his genitals. A reprter asked if a woman cheats on her Husband. She stepped down silently and walked away.much to the laughter in the Audience. Shankar K sir
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