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8 Reasons why Gujaratis are the best kind of people!

Well, what can we say about Gujaratis? THE Best! They are true gems, unique and rare and it is never a dull moment with them. Having Gujarati friends are definitely one of the best things that can ever happen to someone. We can bet on it! So check out some of these points on why we think the city and people are so great! By the end of the article, you’ll be running off to find yourself a Gujarati friend!

1. Great at business

1. Great at business

Gujjus are born business people. Almost every Gujarati person you meet, they either have a family business or are planning to start one. They are risk takers. Once they have an idea of what they want to do, there’s nothing stopping them from doing it. They are also very visionary, growth oriented and resilient. Don’t let their playful nature fool you, they can be serious when they want to be.

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1. Great at business 1

2. Food

Theplas, dhoklas, pickles, and khakras are just some of the snacks that are famous in Gujarat. And don’t even start us on the dishes! They might be vegetarians, but they certainly do not compromise on taste. You will know a Gujarati when you see one, because they carry food wherever they go, plane, train, road trips. Honestly, nothing is going to stop them. Like nothing.

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3. Happy-go-lucky

Their life is simple. They live by the motto, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”. So you can see why they are so happy all the time. You will never see a Gujarati without a smile on their face. They don’t care what others think, and they don’t lose their temper easily. As long as you treat them right, they will treat you 10 times better! They will treat you like you are their own family. Don’t believe us? Find out yourself by getting yourself a Gujju!

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4. Great at bargaining

The whole of India has a national skill of bargaining, but Gujaratis are the best when it comes to it. Because of their love for business, they will find a way for both, the seller and them, to get a good deal. Though there’s a constant verbal tug of war, in the end, it is a win-win situation. It is more likely that the shopkeeper gave up trying to sell it at a higher price, but nobody needs to know that….

5. Adventurous and fun

Remember in the first point we said they are risk-takers? Yeah, that’s another motto they live by. What’s life without a little bit of risk and excitement? They love trying new things, experiencing new things, and most of all just enjoying life. You will hardly see them stressed. The family is important to them, so whatever they do, they do it together. Sounds like a great bunch of people, right?

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6. Forgiving and patient

Gujaratis really do have a heart made of gold. They are warm-hearted, which makes them very forgiving. They don’t like holding grudges, they like to spread love instead. If there are any disagreements, they make sure to come to a solution. They believe that relationships with friends and family are those which are supposed to be cherished, not broken and angry at each other.

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7. Hilarious

They are always joking around, no matter what the situation. Their light-hearted banter is infectious and you must be made of stone if you don't break into at least a small smile. It's never a dull moment with them. You won't be able to be too sad or angry around them, even if you tried. Their sense of humor can sometimes be sarcastic, so don't take anything to heart because they don't really mean any of what they say.

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8. Hospitality

They treat everyone like family, so it is not surprising that they are extremely hospitable. They make sure you don't feel left out, by feeding you non-stop with all their delicious food, including you in all their jokes and maybe even offer you a place to stay. They obviously don't expect you to return the favor because they know not everyone welcomes people with open arms. But they will be over the moon if you do!

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It is hard to summarise all the best things about them into a few points. Honestly, words couldn't describe it. So if you don't have a Gujarati friend, what are you waiting for?! Go find one! Or they will come find you because they are everywhere. Literally. No kidding.
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