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Path to Fame: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth has the talent, the riches, the fame and obviously the respect that comes along with it. In spite of that, he is still humble and never boasts of his riches. He prefers the simple joys of life. He is an actor, a producer, a screenwriter, a philanthropist and a spiritualist. Anyway, today we have compiled a list of lesser known facts of the famous star that even his biggest fans may not have known!

1. Highest paid

It is no surprise that he is one of the highest paid actors in India but did you know he is also the 2nd highest in Asia too?! After the huge success and a great response from his movie, Sivaji, it made him Asia’s highest paid actor following closely behind Hollywood’s Jackie Chan. The movie was also featured in the "top 10 best films" list in the UK and South Africa, and the first Tamil movie to do so.

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2. How he got noticed

Every celebrity has a backstory, a story of how they got famous and made it into the film industry through their own hard work and dedication. Rajinikanth was performing in a stage play when K Balachander, a Tamil movie director noticed his talent for acting. The director advised him to learn Tamil properly and that's what the actor did. Even though it wasn't his mother tongue he did exactly what the director told him to do.

3. Twitter famous

It is already hard enough to get enough followers on social media. It takes a lot of time! But when Rajinikanth opened his first official Twitter account back in 2014, he gained over 210,000 followers in just a day! The Economic Times stated that according to research, it was the fastest rate of followers in a short period of time gained by not only an Indian celebrity but also the top 10 in the world.

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4. Top movie

In 2010, the actor’s movie, Enthiran was the first Tamil movie to be featured in IMDb’s Top 50 list. As a result of the movie’s success, the movie was used as a case study in IIM, Ahmedabad's postgraduate elective course called ‘Contemporary Film Industry: A Business Perspective’. The movie was such a big success in Tamil Nadu and all over India! Pretty cool, huh?

5. In the school books

Rajinikanth, is so famous and influential, that he is probably the only celebrity that made it to the educational books. And we don’t mean that his name was only mentioned, but a whole lesson about his life! The Central Board of Secondary Education AKA CBSE dedicated a whole chapter to the star under the title, From Bus Conductor to Superstar. We wonder which subject it was?

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6. His struggle

Rajinikanth had always been passionate about acting. He decided to pursue his passion when he was a bus conductor in Bangalore. Since his family wasn't always supportive of his passion then, his two friends encouraged him to join an acting institute. They even financially supported him while he was struggling and couldn't pay for it on his own. That's how true friends are! They motivated him to do his best and helped him in any way they could!

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7. Never been killed in movies

Now that we mention it, you must be wondering, ‘How is that, possible?’. The reason behind it is that, the makers of the movies are scared of undergoing the wrath of his loyal fans if they do kill his character. In addition to that, Rajinikanth is the first Indian actor who worked with advanced technologies of that time like black and white, color, 3D and motion picture. He never seizes to amaze us!

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8. Awards

Awards are something he has been receiving quite often, but here are some of the honorary ones: Forbes India gave him the title of the most influential Indian in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, he received the award for ‘Entertainer of the Decade’ by NDTV. In 2013, NDTV gave him the honor of being among the ‘25 Greatest Global Living Legends’. In 2014, he was awarded the ‘Centenary Award for Indian Film Personality of the Year’ during the 45th IFFI in Goa.

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Well, these are some the lesser known facts about our Thalaivar! Were you surprised by some of these? Because we had no idea about some of them! If you know more facts that you would like us to know about this legendary actor, tell us about it in the comments! We will be happy to hear it!
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