Published 2017-09-15
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6 Of this year's Guinness World Records from the longest fingernails to Largest Lego brick sculpture of the Batmobile!

She said: “The filming will take place in England. I will have a chance to be listed in the Guinness Book as the world's tallest actress too. It will be screened in two years time at the World Cup in Japan. It is about women's rugby championship in 1991, mainly behind the scenes stuff. In the US team, there were two tall sports girls and I will play one of them. The film is being made by famous people but I can't name them yet. They chose me because I am fluent in English. I lived in Slovakia from the age of 12, then in Hungary. I speak Slovak and Czech, too, and my English does not have an accent.”

2. Longest fingernails on a pair of hands

The record of the world’s longest fingernails on a pair of hands belongs to a woman from Texas called Ayanna Williams! Painting those nails take her 20 hours and two bottles of nail polish! Why would someone even paint those!? 18 feet and 10.9 inches long is how long her nails are! She said: “I usually do them once a month. I use acrylic, which is two products combined. I wash them about three times a day. I clean with them a brush at the sink. I use disinfectant or bleach.”

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