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Tattoos and pain: where it hurts most, and where least depends on part of the body

Tattoos are one of the most beautiful things that people can have to add a piece of art to their body but no matter how open-minded and sophisticated we are in the 21st century, we still associate tattoos with some particular groups which are not the positive ones! For a lady, having a tattoo is considered even worse than men but we see that despite all this an increasing number of people are getting tattoos every day!

If you look back, you will see that throughout history, tattoos have been known to be the symbol of something quite important and they were even honored! In fact in India, the southern part, the tattoos are called pachakutharathu! And the interesting part of it is that it was quite popular back then before 1980! Who would have thought! The permanent tattoos were called godna and they were the symbol of culture.

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However, knowing all the history of the tattoo will not help you because still there are some certain jobs that you cannot get if you have a tattoo that is visible! And no, we cannot act smart and cover them with makeup! The history of tattoos goes back at least 8000 years! True, there are some people who regret what they have had tattooed on their body but we have laser removal, even though it is not that expensive, which can help you get rid of it!

But you can go ahead and ask people around and for sure you will find so many people that are still excited for the tattoo they made 2 years ago! There is something about being inked! The endorphins, the adrenaline. It is the ultimate level of excitement especially if you had been longing for having it for quite a long time! What is important to know about the tattoos is to keep in mind that you may regret it!

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That makes it easier for you to decide what you want to have inked on your body, or not! It might even get more difficult since you will start second doubting all your choices! Thinking what if you will regret it in the future! What you need to do before getting a tattoo is to think about what you want to have with you forever. It should be something that is a symbol for you. Something that means a lot to you! Oh, and do not ever get the name of the person you are dating tattooed on your body!

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The agony you go through if you ever break up will be way worse when you have the name of the person engraved not only on your heart but also on your body! Bad idea! For those of you who are not sure enough yet, we have found the solution! You can get Henna tattoos which are temporary but still, it will give you an idea of how it feels like to wake up every day knowing that the tattoo is still there! No pressure! It doesn’t hurt as well!

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Speaking of which! Some people are hesitant because they cannot go through the pain it causes! That needle! Even looking at how sharp it is causes pain! It might be a fine idea to go to one of these tattoo sessions with a friend of yours to see how it is and how much pain you have to endure to get to the result you are looking for. It is a general knowledge that we have different pain tolerance. We will tell you all about which part hurts the most!

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Even if we differ in tolerance to pain, most people feel the tattoo as very painful. However, because the nerve endings are differently distributed in the body, not every tattoo hurts the same. Body parts with more fat under the skin are less sensitive to pain. The fat tissue becomes the buffer between the needle and the nerve endings that send pain signals to the brain. The part of the body with bones are the parts that hurt the most!

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Looking at these two provided pictures will help you better!
1. Moderately painful.
2. Very painful, in the areas going towards the neck and chest becomes even a bit more painful.
3. Ideal for the first tattoo. It hurts only on the inner side.
4. Pain as in the case of the arm - the inner side hurt more.
5. Pain tolerable, unbearable.
6. A weird idea to do a tattoo here, but you can stand.
7. Insensitive so, the tattoo in this place hurts the least.

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8. Attention, very sensitive skin, especially on the temples and around the eyes; ears and area behind them.
9. Ouch! Super painful, especially in the breastbone area.
10. Very sensitive area, very painful tattoo.
11. Very painful tattoo, especially in the spine.
12. Unpleasant, especially in the kidney area.
13. Can be especially painful when pricking.
14 Particularly painful, especially at the point it bends!
15. Very painful tattoo, because under the thin skin is a lot of bones.

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Tattoos and pain: where it hurts most, and where least depends on part of the body 2
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