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Horoscope for the week: September 18, 2017 - September 24, 2017


The week begins with you getting even closer to achieving some important goals. You're courageous and dynamic, now more than ever. Moreover, people are eager to help you along your way. By mid-week, the issues, if you have any, are likely to pop up around this time. The key is to deal with it by finding a solution instead of getting bent out of shape. It is kind of similar for the rest of the week. During the weekend, leave room for spontaneity, you might do something fun in the spur-of-the-moment.


It's only the beginning of the week and it's already a challenge. It will be a struggle to understand others' point of view and be flexible to their ideas. Make an effort and you'll find it easy. Around mid-week, you get what you give. Helping someone? They'll help you back when you need it. Keep it going and you will find life is much easier that way. But don't overdo it. During the weekend, if you're trying to make a decision, ask for someone else's opinion.

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The gears in your head have never worked better before. Teamwork is in the stars so it is going to be fun exchanging ideas. And besides, the result you will get is going to be even better. By mid-week, you need to be a little more careful, or aware should be more like it. Something you receive, maybe online, is going to give you an unexpected surprise. Good or bad, we don't know yet. During the weekend, talk about the important things you've been wanting to do for a while now because by then your head will be clear.


It's difficult to balance heart and mind, and you'll certainly struggle with that a bit as the week begins. Sometimes you get carried away with the emotional side of things, and right now it's particularly important to maintain perspective. Check with a friend if you're feeling moody. Make plans mid-week but keep your weekend free. These days find you steady and ready to explore, have fun and bond. This weekend, that good memory of yours is invaluable.

The NEXT sign needs to set a good example!


Your self-confidence is awesome (and hot) as the week begins, but it's something to use, not abuse... especially now. Appreciate what's great about others, too! But what's not so great about them? They may overreact from the beginning of the week through mid-week. So set a good example with your calm, positive, good-humored approach (rather than freaking out!). Put a little learning on the agenda this weekend. Something (or someone) may get you fired up.


As this week begins, if you can show the universe your willingness to make adjustments, experiment and have fun at the same time, you'll be rewarded. From mid-week, the multitude of details, options, and layers involved in a situation (or life in general) may boggle even the detail-oriented mind of yours. Deal one thing at a time and don't forget to take a gander at the big picture, too. This weekend, a high-spirited conversation or debate could turn into an argument. Prepare yourself.

Love may be possible for the NEXT sign!


During the first few days of this week, the stars say you've got an amazing way of bonding intellectually and emotionally (and even romantically!) right now. By mid-week, the days may bring random disruptions and delays. Take it in stride, and be ready with a couple of plans. During the weekend, don't be shy about voicing out what you're thinking. People aren't mind readers.


On Monday and Tuesday, listening to what people are saying has never been more crucial, and a meeting of the minds and subsequent greatness -- is definitely possible now. Your possibilities are in a more personal and passionate area starting sometime Wednesday and lasting through Friday romance, that is! You're hot, with a level of intrigue that few attain. But this weekend, interactions of all sorts (platonic, work-related, random) may involve conflict. Be ready to resolve it.

The NEXT sign is full of ideas!


You're feeling highly creative as the week begins. Even 'chance' interactions can go great places now with the way you're sharing your vision and drawing others out about theirs. On Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, ask yourself: What does this situation remind me of? The past comes into play in interesting ways, and if you've learned from it, you're golden. And from Friday night through the weekend, love is in your personal stars. Familial, platonic, romantic -- it's all good.


Keep your eyes open on Monday and Tuesday -- what's going on around you? What could it mean for the future? Everything has a context, and the effects down the road are extremely important now. Take a look! Then, around Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you've got a special insight of another kind: Interpersonal. Very interesting! When the weekend comes, you'll be able to have much more fun if you first get a little work done, whether around the house or job-related. Be responsible and enjoy yourself -- they're not mutually exclusive.

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Don't worry about any bad hair days as the week begins: The stars are ratcheting up your attraction factor and general brilliance so much now, it doesn't even matter whether your coiffure is cooperating. Enjoy! Then, around Thursday and Friday, do you put your own priorities first or make others (or a certain someone) your number-one? Hint: There's a middle path here. From sometime on Friday through the weekend, get totally avant-garde. Whatever's experimental, new and different has your name on it.


Don't be so hard on yourself as the week begins. Give yourself a break, and respect your own individual style -- just because it's not as straightforward as some, doesn't make it less great. And great you are -- in particular on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, when the stars highlight your creative, romantic and generally wonderful nature. Hot! If you're confused about something this weekend, don't overlook the effectiveness of just asking.

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