Published 2017-09-17
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What can a triangle, cross or any geometric shape on your palm tell about your destiny?

When people often say the phrase, “The future is in our hands”, it means that our future is under our control. The decisions we make now impacts our life and our future. But that is only one of the meanings. The other meaning is that the future REALLY does lie in our hands and that’s where Palmistry or Palm Reading plays a major role. And it’s real and almost accurate if not 100%.

Palm reading was first founded in India which then found its way to the rest of the world. It’s a common practice in India to predict one’s future through astrology or palm reading. You can actually find out what your fate is from the imprinted lines in your palm. Although it goes much deeper, like your fingerprints, length of your fingers, shape of your hands and nails, reading the palm lines is the most popular and easiest method out there. And it’s free!

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Today we’re going to talk about markings, which are different from the lines.

The cross
Crosses always denote troubles, disappointment, danger, when found on lines. it can refer to a dramatic change in one's life due to a crisis or hardship. They should always be considered an ill omen when located between the Head and Heart lines, known as the "Croix Mystique". The bearer of such a symbol is purported to possess a greater degree of mysticism, occultism, and superstition.

The star

The star is a symbol of good and sudden brilliance in a person's life. A line that ends in a star signifies the greatest accomplishments possible; however, the star often carries with it an unpleasant price. A star on the mounts will naturally denote great proficiency with the mount's corresponding traits, yet these traits may consume some of the other bearer's qualities.

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The triangle

It denotes mental flourish and success corresponding to the location of the mark. If found alongside a line, it will naturally take on significance dependent upon the line. The triangle will never reach the great heights of success, but it possesses balance and will not carry with it the backlash that so often accompanies the star. It should be noted that the triangle should be fully joined.

The grille

This is not entirely a very good sign. The tic-tac-toe shape or in palmistry words, the grille, is a point at which the energies of the hand dissipate or escape out. If grilles are found throughout the entirety of the hand, the power of its bearer is constantly drained by vexations and disrespect. If a grille appears on the mount, it saps or thwarts the qualities of the mount.

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The rhombus

The line of destiny in the palm forms one of the faces of the rhombus, this indicates the unrestrained spirit of adventurism and the desire to know the unknown. Such people are incredible courage and even recklessness. Do you see a diamond in your house? Then you are a researcher who likes to take risks. But we know that risk is a noble cause!


You need both your hands for this one. You will only be able to see it if you put your palms together and the two lines form a crescent moon. If you have 2 lines that cross a crescent or a crescent moon, you literally can predict the future. Your intuition is so strong that your loved ones often turned to you for advice. Do you recognize yourself?

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The trident

The trident is a most propitious marking wherever it may lay. If it rises from a line, it will expound the qualities of that line and draw additional power from the mounts or lines that branch on either side its headed towards. If found on a mount, the trident carries with it great flourish of the properties of that mount. The trident is such a powerful symbol that it eclipses the star in beneficence.

The tassel

A tasseled line can often be found at the end of the lifeline; as the individual weakens and deteriorates with age, so does the line. Such is the case with the Line of Head, where it denotes a weakening of mental clarity and approaching old age; the Line of Heart denotes a deteriorating heart condition or emotional trauma that has left the individual very feeble and unstable.

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