Published 2017-09-17
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TEST: Choose the happiest couple and find out what it reveals about your happiness and the way you love...

Couple #1

You are the kind of person who believes that both people in a relationship need to make an effort if both want to be happy. It’s a two-way street. You are independent and can stand on your own two feet without depending on anyone. You base your relationship on kindness, comfort and spending time together. When in a relationship, it will be an important part of your life.

Couple #1

When it comes to how you act when in love, your relationship is fired with passion! You’re not the kind of person to make everything you guys do public. You know that posting pictures or showing the world your relationship does not matter because that world is just virtual, you’d much rather live in the real one and experience it together. You live in the moment too!

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Couple #1 1
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