Published 2017-09-17
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TEST: Choose the happiest couple and find out what it reveals about your happiness and the way you love...

Couple #2

You are the kind of person who is a hopeless romantic. You believe in eternal love. You feel that both people in a relationship should go to the moon and back to make their partner happy. A relationship is something very valuable to you because of the happiness, emotions and the mutual efforts invested to make the bond stronger. You thrive as a person when you are loved.

Couple #2

Compared to the Couple #1, you prefer the world to see how happy in love you are. It is almost like you want to scream to the world and show everyone your significant other. Though harmful, people might get tired or annoyed at your happiness. Even it’s a good thing, they will not be happy to see your relationship’s every progress. Once in a while is alright, so keep that in mind.

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Couple #2 1
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