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The dark side and the good side of people born in JANUARY

The season in which a person is born affects the temperament of the individual. This is ensured by numerous studies of the past decades in which the main topic of discussion is our biological clock. And it is this element of our perception which can modify our behaviors depending on the sunlight that we receive or the temperatures to which we are subjected to frequently in the first years. Learning, sociability, and thoughts are among the factors that can be influenced by the day (and stage) in which we are born.
Below we show the bright and dark side of those born in January!

People born in January have unique characteristics and personality that distinguishes them from other people. They have unique talents, they create successful relationships, and most importantly, they are trustworthy people. In their private and professional life, they try to be successful, are not afraid to face new challenges and can solve any problems. People born in early January are under the sign of Capricorn and those born after January 19 are under Aquarius. In both cases, we can see that Capricorn and Aquarius have dark and clear sides of character! Check out what features you can find in people born in January!

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Good side (January 1 to January 19)


Those born at this particular time of year have an innate ability to work hard towards whatever goals they have set for themselves. They don't give up that easily and make sure that failure does not stop them from reaching the sky.


People born on the stage are not shy, however, they prefer not to socialize much and stay calm. They are mature and has a level of patience not many people have. They may appear to be cold and arrogant individuals, but in fact, they simply have a hard time engaging and making friends.


They passionately dedicate themselves to their professions and always strive for success, but never boasts of their progress. They let their work speak for them, and they do not like to show off how much they earn or the expensive things they have.

They stand with both feet on the ground and do not have their head in the clouds. They are logical, analytical and well organized. If you get stuck in a problem or have a hard time making a decision and need a good advice, ask a friend who was born between these days of January!

Find out the dark side of a Capricorn!

Dark side (January 1 to January 19)

In the same way that they can be realistic, they can also have a negative outlook on certain things. They are a little insecure and often see themselves as failures. Because of this feeling, they believe they have to prove themselves that they deserve to be loved.

It is very important for a January born to be surrounded by valuable possessions that remind them of their success and that the work they're doing is worth it. They are often overstressed when they are young, in order to achieve financial stability in their old age.

People born in this part of the year follow the rules at all times. They are conventional and do not like it when changes take place often. They are stuck in the past, their roots, and memories and do not believe there is anything wrong with it. They are not really open to trying new things.

They are very shy beings, especially in their youthful years, where they tend to be more closed off than be open to people. They do however change these traits but later in their thirties. That is when you will see them being their true selves.

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Good side (January 20 to January 31)


Those born in the last ten days of the month are bold, lively and full of spirit and they captivate their company completely. They are thirsty for knowledge and enjoy exploring and trying new things. They are exciting and fun to be around because you will never run out of things to talk about. They have excellent communication skills and can entertain anyone.


They are very active, restless and in search of new things so they can tell everyone about their life's exciting stories. They need to live through experiences, only then they will be satisfied. They never like to "waste" their days and is always contemplating the beauty of the universe. They appear to everyone as "rebels" because they never behave in the same way as others or as expected to.

January borns who are born during this period do not have a large circle of friends because they don't let anyone get close to them that easily. But once they do, the friendship becomes a long-term commitment. They are not easy to impress, but if you succeed, you will have a close best friend forever.

Most of these people have a selfless heart who is determined to make a difference. They are often involved in social and charitable activities and has this need to make the world a better place.

Find out the dark side of an Aquarian!

Dark side (January 20 to January 31)


Those of this period usually hide their emotions and are not precisely "lovers of drama." By their behavior, they may seem frigid or cold, to some. They have problems committing themselves into an emotional bond, although, they do have feelings of great intensity.


They always try to be different and deviate from what is normal. They don't really appreciate traditions, and may even those who follow them. There is no middle way for people of January and are more likely to be on either one of the sides of the scale.


It is not normal for them to consider the consequences of their acts. They always listen to their powerful instincts and act spontaneously and unpredictably. Which may not always be the right decision.

They possess a detailed and critical mind, often trying to solve problems. Their curiosity can become annoying when they can not control it, and this causes them to enter in many misunderstandings.

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