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TEST: What kind of animal are you?

As you well know, the numerous tests of personality and aptitude that exist on the internet are very useful to control the people and to understand yourself. Also, for some years now they are becoming very popular especially when it comes to hiring people in a large number of companies. Although the types of questions or the categorization of personality are very different from one test or another, they always provide an overview of the human psyche, in addition to other characteristics or traits we would otherwise not have.

TEST: What kind of animal are you? 1

In addition, the different personality tests help us to better understand how others can react to something in their environment. Such tests can be used for self-reflection and understanding, for job placement, and for learning to interact better with others in a team or workgroup. Throughout this article we want you to perform a test related to animals, with the aim of getting to know you a little better yourself and what appreciation you get from others.

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TEST: What kind of animal are you? 2

Remember that for this test to work correctly, you must follow the instructions given and do not cheat. To begin with, we recommend you take a sheet of paper and a pencil, because you must write the name of three animals in the following order: The first must be your favorite animal, the second has to be the one that you like the most as a pet, and the third, your other favorite animal, regardless of whether it is a pet or a wild one. Take your time to think it through, and when you're ready, scroll down to continue the test.

TEST: What kind of animal are you? 3

Now you should check your results as follows: The third animal shows how you perceive yourself, the second describes the way people perceive you, and the first animal defines you as who you really are. Now we will define the main characteristics of a great variety of animals so that you can check if you identify yourself with them. However, in the event that an animal does not appear that you have written, we will teach you another method for you to learn about your traits.

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TEST: What kind of animal are you? 4

Zebra: faithful, intelligent, committed, idealistic, free-spirited, egotistical. Tiger: powerful, elegant, authoritarian, active, enigmatic, unpredictable, solitary. Panda: loving, playful, self-sufficient, dreamy. Penguin: aggressive, gentle, open, skillful, simple. Giraffe: self-confidence, elegant, shy, charming, vain. Whale: quiet, friendly, friendly, honest, orderly, serious. Turtle: protective, patient, limited, tenacious, peaceful, monotonous. Duck: family-oriented, territorial, noisy, hardworking. Horse: noble, loyal, strong, powerful, vigorous, submissive. Bird: cheerful, great inner beauty, positive, free spirited, simple.

TEST: What kind of animal are you? 5

Cat: independent, free thinker, leader. Bear: meditative, dreamy, territorial, tranquil. Monkey: cheerful, funny, practical, skillful, cheating. Dog: loyal, humble, friendly, brave, submissive, territorial. Mouse: shy, simple, hard-working, modest. Rabbit: cunning, quick, silent, nervous, humble. Elephant: calm, protective, imposing, tenacious, self-confident. Lion: strong, patient, familiar, calm, protective. Fox: organized, intelligent, tasteful, orderly. Rooster: talented, creative, artistic, eccentric, partying. Cow: sociable, adventurous, protective, calm, quiet, kind, curious.

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TEST: What kind of animal are you? 6

What you have to do is try to describe and analyze the general personality of each animal, that is, the characteristics of the behavior of each of you have written. For example, if your favorite animal is the dolphin, you could describe it as friendly, intelligent, calm and orderly, as well as aquatic, which means that you can move easily in a hostile environment. We could also analyze the character of a shark, which is imposing, knows how to move, is aggressive if hungry or threatened. If you chose it, you can be a logical person and good for business, you like to attract attention and you do not give up easily.

TEST: What kind of animal are you? 7

Then, in the same way, try to describe the personality of the animals you wrote but have not appeared on the list. Look closely at its size and how intimidating it is, the habitat in which it lives, and whether it is carnivorous or herbivorous, in addition to other aspects. Now embrace all that and relate it to all the virtues and human behaviors. In this way, you should be able to discover some details about your personality that you did not know, as well as how others could see you.

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TEST: What kind of animal are you? 8
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