Published 2017-09-20
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Jim Carrey shocked a NYFW reporter: "I do not think you exist. You just smell like a beautiful perfume in the air!"

As bad as that may sound, the news that comes to us from Hollywood and in one way or another have to do with Jim Carrey (55), are increasingly disturbing. Although just a few weeks ago we wrote about the new passion of the star, who apparently had discovered the tranquility in art and began expressing his emotions through it (if you do not know anything about it, you will be able to find all the information about it in our another article: Jim Carrey fights depression through painting), the details of one of the most recent events starring the revered comedian are much less encouraging.

What about Jim?

The subject that gave rise to this article arose exactly days ago, during an important event called, New York Fashion Week (NYFW). It was there that the Canadian ran into an "E! News" reporter and was taped giving one of the industry's most unusual interviews. His behavior and manner of speaking immediately provoked the discomfort of the interviewer... And, later, a thunderstorm broke out on the Net. While some of the netizens call him "crazy," others are 100% in agreement with his words. What is it about? Keep reading and find out all the details!

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"I've been looking for something completely insignificant and empty, and here I am"

Since Carrey does not usually appear at parties related to the fashion world, at the beginning of the conversation he was asked what he was doing there. His reply was an interesting preface to a statement full of nihilism. "I have been looking for something completely deprived of meaning and value, in what I could participate, and here I am," he replied unambiguously. Although the journalist, very aware of the presence of the camera, tried to save the situation, saying that the event had to do with the "celebration of the icons", got a reaction opposite to what expected from the part of the story.

Icons and personalities do not exist either

Asked if he believed in the existence of the icons, Jim replied that, in fact, he did not even believe in the existence of his interviewer (although he did perceive a pleasant fragrance of her perfume around him). The truth, in his opinion, was not even the "celebrity" and made it clear... just after a few moments imitating "godfather of soul" James Brown (73). Then he gave an impressive speech about the idea of ​peace, leaving the woman even more confused.

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"We have no importance"

In the last attempt to change the extraordinary tone of the dialogue, the reporter decided to refer to the physical aspect of the Canadian star. "But Jim, you've enlisted for the occasion, you're handsome... Is it an accident?" He began, "I have not dressed, I do not exist. There are things that are happening," replied the actor, who ended up drawing a heavy breath in the last part of his statement. "This is not our world, (...) we do not have importance: this is the good news", before leaving the place.

Extreme Reactions

The whole interview recorded in New York ended up being published on the Net (below this paragraph we left the video), and, as expected, caused a commotion among the Internet users. Although some of the comments point out that he is a sick, bitter man and accused of being under narcotics, many others praise his courage, to tell the truth about Hollywood, however uncomfortable. Speaking of which, the annoyance of the journalist was obvious.

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The painful case of Cathriona

Recall, that over a year ago Carrey faced a situation that almost shattered his impressive career: his girlfriend, Cathriona White (30), committed suicide and, to this day, his family accuses him of influencing in the tragic decision of the young woman. Surprisingly, despite all this, the reporter did not hesitate to ask if he was looking for someone special already in the first sentence addressed to him.

Let's hope his shocking (and quite certain) words are not a demonstration of his poor psychic state. We know that for several years he has been fighting against depression and we would not want the film world to face such a painful loss as Robin Williams (63)...
Do you think Jim is well or really needs help? What do you think of his behavior? Do you share your ideas or do you think he is crazy? If you liked this article, let us know!

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