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Jaden Smith and his new partner attract the attention of all media!

Jaden Smith, the son of one of our favorite actors Will Smith, is very popular in media. He does not hide from the press and he publishes a lot on social media, so we do have many details of his life. Because of public events and commercials, we are becoming more accustomed to seeing the youngest of the Smith family on magazine covers as well as on the screen. If you want to know everything about this person continue reading and we will give you all the details about him!

Jaden Smith and his new partner attract the attention of all media! 1

There is a lot of controversy about "The Karate Kid" star and many of them are created based on his relationship's preferences. He has changed partners several times and the rumors about him are everywhere, so we only had to investigate a little to find out his current romantic situation. Jaden has not made it difficult for us, and the press follows his steps wherever he goes.

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Jaden Smith and his new partner attract the attention of all media! 2

It was not hard to learn that his new girlfriend's name is Odessa Adlon. The pair walked the red carpet for the premiere of the second season of the FX series "Better Things" which is the first series this young woman has played the role of a protagonist. Both young stars are starting the Hollywood scene thanks to the different commitments they are doing, but the truth is that their relationship is more advanced than their fame.

Jaden Smith and his new partner attract the attention of all media! 3

Going back to the photos from 2016, which changed the internet, Jaden apparently was kissing another boy. The public did not know his preferences and the images surprised many of his fans. The other young man was the rapper Lil B, and from this moment the media began to examine minutely the type of relationship they both had. It was considered a scandal which was supposedly calmed with the new rumors of another relationship... but in this case, it was not with his current partner Odessa, but with another girl...

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Sarah Snyder is the name of the young woman who stole Jaden's heart just after the controversy unleashed by his kiss with Lil B. The couple was in an official relationship for more than a year. But after they were seen together in New York's fashion week, the alarm about their breakup broke out. It was March 2017 and rumors spread out that the model had been unfaithful with photographer Gunner.

It had only been a month since his breakup with Snyder when we could see Jaden with Odessa at Coachella's concerts. The paparazzi were everywhere at the festival, what shows that at no time have they wanted to hide from the press or the world. They both are children of Hollywood stars, so they knew perfectly well what will be awaited for them on these days in California and they still decided to expose their relationship without any problem. It was just the beginning but these two young people knew that the relationship was going to get serious.

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Odessa is an actress just as many members of her family, who are mostly known for Americans tv productions. Beside the mentioned before "Better Things" TV series, the young actress lately has been filming few episodes for the television series "Nashville", which has been combining her with the current relationship with the young Smith.

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Jaden seems like he is still looking for his own path in Hollywood. Recently he has confirmed his new business project. After starting achieving his successful career as a rapper, actor, and designer, who has his own clothing line, his new ideas has reached our ears. At 19 years old and with all the works mentioned above his new adventure will be... to open his own restaurant.

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Jaden Smith and his new partner attract the attention of all media! 4

Supporting each other in their life projects Jaden Smith and Odessa Adlon have confirmed their relationship by coming and posing together on the red carpet. Both elegant, dressed in black and without a moment of hesitated, they showed the world that despite only 5 months of being together, they love each other and that neither the rumors nor the supposed preferences of Jaden could currently destroy their idyllic relationship.

What do you think about this couple? Is there a sense in the Hollywood world, where divorces and splits are so common, to create a serious relationship in such a young age? Are they not afraid of their parents' careers and will find their place in the entertainment industry and succeed? Is it good to be so much exposed in media? Are you even interested in such characters? Let us know in the comments.

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