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8 times The Simpsons predicted the future

Syrian opposition flag

In the episode aired in 2001,Bart and his friends, Nelson, Ralph, and Milhouse, start an all boy band, Party Posse. They make a hit single called Dropped da Bomb. In their music video, they seem to drop a bomb in an unidentified Arab nation. Strangely the Syrian opposition flag is clearly seen. It's to be noted that when the episode was released there was no Syrian opposition taking place.

The ebola crisis

In an episode aired in 1997, Marge is making an attempt to cheer up a sick Bart, who’s lying on his bed. She asks him if would like to read the book Curious George and the Ebola virus. Since he’s too sick to be interested, Marge asks to do some colouring. He replies by saying he’s already done with it and points to a calamitous painting depicting a pile of lifeless bodies. Then in December 2013, there was a plague of Ebola which began in Guinea and then spread like wildfire to Liberia and Sierra Leone. There was a record of 28,657 cases reported and more than 11000 deaths since then.

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