Published 2017-09-25
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The daughter of Michael Jackson shows unpublished photos of her father...

Paris is the child, as well as her brother Prince (who tries to take his personal life as less publicly as possible), from the marriage of Michael Jackson and his nurse Debbie Rowe, who treated his vitiligo. Debbie, 59 years old, is currently battling cancer and started her chemo treatment several months ago. This led to a better relationship with her daughter Paris. In an interview, she said that her 19-year-old daughter has helped her overcome this difficult stage in a very nice way.

The next picture shows Michael, Prince, and Paris. They are sitting with hands holding their heads, with a very serious mimic. The picture has a very retro style and they seem to be at backstage during some King of Pop's concert. In an interview, Jackson once said about his kids: "Words cannot describe how I feel... I have been blessed beyond understanding and I am going to work exhaustively on being the best parent I can be. I appreciate that my fans are excited, but I hope everyone can give the respect and privacy that Debbie and I want and need for our children."

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