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Only one genius will solve all these puzzles in less than 20 seconds...

In recent years various studies have shown that solving riddles and puzzles on a daily basis can be a great training for our brains. As if it were a gym for our gray matter; after having fun with, for example, puzzle games, our intellectual abilities can improve and be better in the future. In this article, we put forward some tasks that will challenge your attention mainly. Are you able to solve them quickly? Try it!

1. Flamings

1. Flamings

In this first task that we give, we apparently see a large group of beautiful birds that actually hide a ballet dancer ready to play with them. The gestures of the girl and her look have not been drawn by chance, and it adds a difficulty with which you will have to deal with to find the solution. When you're ready, go for it and try to do it in less than 20 seconds.

On the NEXT PAGE, we will show the solution and there will be more inextricable challenges... Continue reading to know the truth...

1. Flamings 1

There she is! It was at the left bottom of the painting. The truth is that it takes a lot of effort from our sight to get it in a short amount of time. How did it go for you? How long did it take? Tell us at the end, in the comments. If on the contrary you did not see it and it seemed impossible to you, do not hesitate, there are still 3 puzzles of the same style which you can still show your amazing skills...

2. Minions

2. Minions

In this image, we see 24 funny characters, the minions. What you do not see in the first place is that one of them is someone like an infiltrator, and there is something that sets it apart from the rest... Can you tell us which of them is the one that does not fit and why? Keep in mind that the challenge also has to do with how quickly you solve it. If you have any type of stopwatch or clock we recommend that you use it to know your pace.

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2. Minions 1

That's right, the spy was in the lower right bottom of the image we've shown. While the others carry the letter "G" in their work uniform as a sign of the villain character "Gru", this one is totally different. How many seconds did you need to see this peculiar difference? Perhaps you can compete with a friend or family member by sharing this article, and ask them to write down their time in solving this riddle. Do you dare with more? We continue in the following paragraph!

3. Spider-Man

3. Spider-Man

For Marvel comic book lovers, we've also included a very complicated test. In it, you will have to find the attributes of a female that are hidden here and look very similar to the other masks of this great superhero. This is a very hard task to find one difference in all these symbols of the Spider-Man in less than 20 seconds. Do you think you're capable to do it?

On the NEXT PAGE, we offer the answer and a final riddle...

3. Spider-Man 1

Indeed, the modified face was the third from right in the first, upper row. The eyes have become more like a lingerie, in a humorous and tiny difference that is only perceived by geniuses who know how to think in a unique way. Are you among them? It was almost ridiculous, so in the next paragraph, we give one last chance for both the most clueless and the most sagacious readers. Take a deep breath and continue to play more...

4. Sport repeated

4. Sport repeated

Finally, you will have to find which symbol about a sport is drawn twice. They all resemble each other, so you may be confused in finding the solution and the one symbol. The hint is that the one with canoeing is not the result. Remember to achieve this riddle in less than 20 seconds! Do not think about it for long and sharpen your attention!

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4. Sport repeated 1

Yes, you have right! The activity that was drawn two times on this poster was Handball! First one is located as the third symbol in a first raw, and the doubled one is the second one in the fourth raw. The solution is shown below. Now, when you know the answer it is quite obvious but to find the solution in less than 20 seconds is really difficult. We know this.

4. Sport repeated 2

Solving paintings and riddles like the ones we have offered today can improve your self-esteem, inspire and train your brain and vision. We hope that you have done it but if you did not, just try it next time, you will surely do it better! So we came to the end of our game series, what do you think? Tell us how many you have found and how fast you did it...

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4. Sport repeated 3
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