Published 2017-09-25
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Only one genius will solve all these puzzles in less than 20 seconds...

There she is! It was at the left bottom of the painting. The truth is that it takes a lot of effort from our sight to get it in a short amount of time. How did it go for you? How long did it take? Tell us at the end, in the comments. If on the contrary you did not see it and it seemed impossible to you, do not hesitate, there are still 3 puzzles of the same style which you can still show your amazing skills...

2. Minions

2. Minions

In this image, we see 24 funny characters, the minions. What you do not see in the first place is that one of them is someone like an infiltrator, and there is something that sets it apart from the rest... Can you tell us which of them is the one that does not fit and why? Keep in mind that the challenge also has to do with how quickly you solve it. If you have any type of stopwatch or clock we recommend that you use it to know your pace.

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2. Minions 1
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