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The dark side and the good side of people born in FEBRUARY!

The season in which a person is born affects the temperament of the individual. This is ensured by numerous studies of the past decades in which the main topic of discussion is our biological clock. And it is this element of our perception which can modify our behaviors depending on the sunlight that we receive or the temperatures to which we are subjected to frequently in the first years. Learning, sociability, and thoughts are among the factors that can be influenced by the day (and stage) in which we are born.
Below we show the bright and dark side of those born in February!

People born in February, the month of love have unique characteristics and personality that distinguishes them from other people. They have unique talents, they create successful relationships, and most importantly, they are trustworthy people. In their private and professional life, they try to be successful, are not afraid to face new challenges and can solve all the problems. People born in early February are under the sign of Aquarius and those born after February 18 are under Pisces. In both cases, we can see that Aquarius and Pisces have dark and clear sides of character! Check out what features you can find in people born in February!

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Good side (February 1 to February 18)

1. Intellectuals
These people love intellectual conversations that captivate them completely. In relationships, the couple should be able to do both, stimulate their body and mind. They have a great thirst for knowledge and enjoy exploring all the possible angles of a subject. They are exciting companions because they will never run out of things to talk about. They have excellent communication skills, so they can entertain anyone.

2. Adventurers
They are very active, always moving and looking for some exciting adventures. They believe that the world is beautiful, and they never want to waste their days lying on the couch or sitting at home. Never expect them to do something like everyone else; they will do the opposite, their own way.

3. Opinionated
Have a firm opinion about everything and always say what is in their mind. With their talkative and energetic personality, they are really entertaining and create a pleasant atmosphere, since they can make others feel good easily.

4. Independent
They prefer to trust themselves and do everything their own way. They never feel needy and seldom depend on their partners; The characteristic of self-sufficiency is very strong in this sign. So, if you have a partner born in February, you'll have plenty of time for yourself. They also need their moments of peace and quiet to think about their things.

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Dark side (February 1 to February 18)

1. Distant
They are very immersed in their heads and, therefore, often give the feeling of being distant. Those born in February do not allow anyone to approach their hearts beyond a certain point. They may have many people around them, but only a few are very close to them. They do not let emotions cloud their judgment.

2. Stubborn
They can be unique in mind, live their life and do things their way, regardless of what others think. They determine their path as the right one and it is difficult to make them change their thinking pattern, although others prove them wrong.

3. Unemotional
They often hide their feelings and are definitely not emotional people. They are some of the rare signs of the zodiac that can enter a relationship without being deeply involved in it. In fact, they are great supporters of intimate relationships, but they require the flexibility and understanding of their partner.

Always try to be different and deviate from what is conventional. Neither are they very pro-traditions, and they can be quite rebellious. Sometimes it seems that there is no middle ground for this sign of the zodiac, mainly due to their assumptions.

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Good side (February 19 to February 28/29)

1. Intuitive
These people are tremendously intuitive as if they were born with a sixth sense. They can easily grasp the true motives and intentions of a person; So, it's a good idea to ask your friend that was born in February for an opinion when you feel trapped.

2. Generous
One of their mottos is to help everyone. They are the happiest when they can give and share their fortune with those in need. They are very generous with gifts and attention, and you can always count on them if required. In relationships, Pisces is one of the signs that can best suit those born in February, since both give love to others, so that makes them great partners.

3. Loyal
These guys would do everything to make their loved ones happy and make them feel special. Whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship, they are fiercely faithful. When they are in love, they are very dedicated couples and they give everything every day.

4. Opportunists
They like to get away from normal. They enjoy new situations and social events and always have something exciting in mind. They are liberal, open-minded, and unconservative. They love to get carried away by the situation. Holidays are perfect for them to make plans.

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Dark side (February 19 to February 28/29)

1. Secretive
If there is something that those born in February hate, it is to be clamorous with arguments and conflicts. They always hate confrontations, since they are not fighters by nature. So instead of saying what is in their heart, they keep it inside to dodge problems and often evade an imaginary world.

2. Can't make up their mind
They often do not know what they want. They enter a state of confusion, and if they can not make a wise decision, they feel disappointed.

3. Low self-esteem
Despite all the resources and talents they possess, they tend to have a low self-esteem, which is a major obstacle in their path. They should stop feeling sorry for yourself and do not doubt yourself if you want to be happy and successful in life.

4. Unrealistic
People born in this part of the month are impractical. They always have their head in the clouds, which makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their dreams and achievements.

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