Published 2017-09-27
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Hugh Hefner - the legendary founder of "Playboy" magazine passed away

Hugh Hefner, controversial and legendary creator of the magazine for adults "Playboy" died of natural causes yesterday in his famous residency in California. He was 91 years old. Hefner's death was announced by Playboy Enterprises in a touching Twitter post. Hefner was named a branding genius, and his "bunny" became one of the most recognizable logos in the world.
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Hugh Hefner was born in 1926 in Chicago. He came from a conservative family of Methodists. Later in his interviews, he justified his lifestyle with a difficult childhood. During the Second World War, as a junior high school graduate, he worked as a journalist for a military newspaper. After the war, he studied psychology at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Finally, in 1953, he founded "Playboy" magazine.

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The first issue of the magazine contained a centerfold and calendar of naked Marilyn Monroe and was sold over 50,000 copies. The idea of such magazine quickly changed into a brand, and the creation of a periodical featuring nude pictures of beautiful young women made Hefner one of the most important characters in the sexual revolution. However, in 1963 due to the naked session published in the magazine of another famous actress, Jayne Mansfield, Hefner was arrested.

He was accused of violating the law on the protection of mores for publishing and disseminating pictures of undressed celebrities and female aspiring to become stars. But at the end, Hefner was not sentenced. In 2016, the pictures of naked women in Playboy have stopped being published because of ubiquitous and easily accessible pornography on the internet. However, the idea was quickly withdrawn, and the decision was changed in 2017.

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"To be honest, I never thought of Playboy as a sex magazine. I've always considered it as a lifestyle magazine, where an important ingredient was sex," said Hefner in an interview with American television CNN in 2002. Therefore, apart from the photos of women for the magazine, there were articles written by Kurt Vonnegut, Joyce Carol Oates, and Vladimir Nabokov. And there were also published interviews with personalities like Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon.

Hefner's empire consisted of not only a magazine, but also a television channel, movies, clubs and, of course, a famous residence. He has always lived with a couple of young women and he has organized many parties there. That was the moment when he had a chance to invite famous celebrities and other important personalities. A fragment of his life could be viewed in the reality show filmed in the mansion, which was broadcasted from 2005 to 2010.

He was involved in social life. In 1978, Hefner organized a fundraiser to renovate the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. For this cause, there was a gala held in his Playboy Residency, and Hefner bidding the letter "y" during the auction gave aside 27,000 dollars for this purpose (which was 1/9 of the cost of renovation). He also gave 100 thousand dollars to the faculty of cinematography at the University of South Carolina to create the course "Censorship in Cinema".

He was described as a "very interested in sex Peter Pan". During the interview with CNN, he emphasized: "Being young is the most important thing for me. I maintain being a boy and I have decided a long ago that age really does not matter." Hefner was married three times and had four children. Last wife, model Crystal Harris was 60 years younger than him.

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His life was like a movie script. Hefner had a chance to play in the several films, mostly related to the Playboy theme, where he simply played himself. He has also appeared in motion pictures like Mel Brook's "History of the World: Part I" or TV series "Entourage". For the performance in the comedy "Miss March", he was nominated for Golden Raspberry as the worst supporting actor. But he won the life, following his own dreams.

Last year, Playboy's mansion was bought for $ 100 million by Hefner's neighbor Daren Metropoulos, the son of billionaire Dean Metropoulos, the owner of a private equity fund. Hefner was guaranteed the lifetime possibility of living in a villa. The new owner intends to connect the neighboring houses into one mansion and live in it. It can be said that Hugh Hefner's death is the end of an era...

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